Romania Tourist Attractions – Enjoy an Ultimate

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Romania is one of the most beautiful countries you will ever find in the world. The 8th biggest country of European Union by area, it measures about 92,043 square miles. In terms of Romania tourist attractions, the country takes pride of having a range of attractions including historical landmarks like very old forts or castles, beaches, fantastic roads, and beautiful mountains.

Some of the places to visit in Romania are as follows:

  • The Peles Castle

It’s done of the most impressive and important landmarks of Romania, which represents a place for leisure and relaxation for the monarchs of the country. The castle was actually sketched out by Johannes Schultz and Karel Liman and it was constructed in year 1914.

Once you visit Peles Castle, you will admire the majestic beauty and sheer luxury of this architectural masterpiece. The highlights include a series of lavish rooms including a theater room, an arms room, living room, and a council room. But, Imperial Bedroom is considered as the most impressive room you’ll ever find in this castle, flaunting great decorates like wonderful chandelier that’s made with the use of Bohemian crystal.

  • Turda Salt Mine

Turda Salt Mine is located in Dugau-Valea Sarata area in Turda and it’s basically million years old and weigh a total of thirty-eight million tons. The tourists may enter the mines and see its natural beauty via Salina-Durgau tourist center.

  • People’s Palace in Bucharest

It’s also referred to as Palace of the Parliament, which is the second biggest administrative building around the world after the America’s Pentagon. The size of the building and its volume is basically two percent bigger in comparison to Pyramid of Keops. This place comprises approximately thousands of rooms such as thirty saloons, four restaurants, two underground parking lots, three libraries, and 440 offices.

  • The Bucegi Sphinx

It can be found in Bucegi Mountains with an altitude of over 7,270 ft. The Bucegi Sphinx was named with this because this resembles the human head and for the reason that it bears a resemblance of Egyptian Sphinx. It’s easily accessible to the tourists through Busteni-Babele cable car.

  • The Transfagarasan

It’s one of the most beautiful roads across the globe and it’s absolutely a must see if you are going to visit Romania. Transfagarasan is an exquisite mountain road that measures ninety-three miles and it requires four years to build during Nicolae Ceausescu’s reign. Over twenty tons of dynamite was actually used just to dislocate three million tons of rock during its construction. Like most major architectural undertaking, it was said that a lot of workers died while the building was under construction.

The perfect way to visit this beautiful tourist attraction in Romania is through a car, yet you can only do this between the 1st of July and 31st of October every year. In addition to that, there’s a required speed limit as the road has a series of bends and can be dangerous to drive in high speed.

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