George Lex is a traveling journalist who started their journey five years ago. They travel the world and do it from the most beautiful places to the hardest places in the world.

Planning a trip can be stressful. There are unknowns, expenses, and pressures from attempting to make a vacation perfect. At times, it can seem like the venture itself is causing more harm than relaxation. However, planning your trip should be the only possible stressor, and planning correctly can make for a great time. Depending on the location, the way you plan will be extremely different. If you are going camping, it will boil down to the items you bring and becoming acquainted with the trails and locations of your campground. If you are traveling to Disneyworld, you will need to become knowledgeable on the park times, prices, and deals that are available for you and the family. If you are flying to Paris, you will need to bring outlet converters, a translation book, and read up on the public transportation so that you will not get lost! There are plenty of resources available to ensure that you have a great time on your adventure.

Blog sites dedicated to your specific location can be used to get first hand accounts of destinations, events, and restaurants that others have had positive experiences with. Travel books are also available, even though they are seemingly a thing of the past, they are written and compiled using many different vacationers experiences. These can be surprisingly helpful because of the amount of information. There are tourist locations, unknown locations, restaurants, nightlife information, and anything else one could think of. Although tourist locations are attractive, they can become monotonous after a while. Try and compile a mix of both tourist attractions and activities that are less congested. Also, in the midst of all the planned excursions make sure to leave time for spontaneous fun! Some of the most memorable experiences come when you least expect them, or plan them! Make sure if you are traveling overseas that you understand your cell phone data plan. Although WiFi is possible to find in some areas, other locations may be more difficult to obtain internet service. Check out this great Groupon Coupon for Verizon Wireless and switch your plan today, they have great international travel plans for your overseas plans.

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