Ray Ban sunglasses

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There’s loads of style advice and top tips when it comes to purchasing a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses…if you’re a woman.

It’s a common misconception that men don’t really care which sunglasses they purchase. As long as they do the job it’s fine.

Really though, men can often feel a bit lost when it comes to purchasing a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. They want to look like James Dean– a cool and collected style that appears quite effortless to achieve. With so many styles and colours to choose from it’s hard to know where to start to get their desired look.

We’ve put together some top tips when it comes to buying a pair of Ray Ban’s for the common man.

The Ray Ban Styles.

Ok so there are five Ray Ban styles that are the major players. Sit up and take note because it’s highly likely that you’ll encounter these on your shopping trip.


The Aviator is a classic design, made originally for US pilots in 1937. Donning a magnified sunglasses frame they are slim, flexible and compliment a wider lens. This tear-drop shaped model can make the most normal person feel like a celebrity.


The Wayfarer boasts a distinctive trapezoidal frame with sturdy arms-which is the focal point of the model. Whilst the dramatic cat-eye appearance could be deemed as feminine there’s a long list of famous male celebrities that continue to wear the shades, from Tom Cruise to Billy Joel.


With a browline frame to mirror the wearer’s natural brow line, The Clubmaster has a thinner frame to encapsulate the lens. Inspired by the 50’s, the design is popular with those who are looking to pull off the vintage aesthetic.


With a bold, semi-transparent frame the Justin model has a bit of a bad boy image associated with it. The design comes in an unusual rubberised finish, ranging in colour.


A fine balance between modern and retro the Erika model is a thin, lightweight design. Round and oversized, the Erika comes in both classic and bright rubber fronts.

The most popular

Every Ray Ban model offers something special. However, it is the original Aviator collection that still remains the firm favourite, with the Wayfarer not far behind. Who ever said new was better eh? Don’t let that put you off if you’re drawn to one of the newer models though- there’s no wrong choice.

What’s your shape?

One thing you need to take into account is your face shape. If you consider the shape of your face when you’re trying on your shades then you are more likely to find a pair that really suit you.

The Oval Face

When the length of the face is longer that the width of the cheekbones. The forehead is larger than the jawline and the angle of the jaw is rounded.

What to look for: If you have an oval shaped face then you’re free to experiment as most styles will compliment your shape.

The Triangular Face

Small forehead, small cheekbones and a larger jawline.

What to look for: You need something that balances your features. A larger Aviator frame would work nicely for you. If you don’t like the Aviator style then something with a round lens would also suit.

The Diamond Face

Face length is the largest measurement. Followed by cheekbones and the forehead. The jawline is pointy and also the smallest in terms of size.

What to look for: You need a style that will detract from your strong jawline and pronounced forehead. The Clubmaster collection is a good place to start. Try and play around with some of the bolder colours.

The Oblong Face

The face length is the largest. But the forehead, cheekbones and jawline are all similar in size and proportion.

What to look for: The Aviator style would really accentuate your cheekbones. Really, the general rule is to go for a frame that is narrower than your face. It’s all about balance.

The Square Face

Sharp jawline. All measurements are fairly equal.

What to look for: Stay away from thick black rectangular frames- it’s too much. A more rounded frame would better complement your facial features. Both the Aviator and the Erika would suit you.

There’s a pair of Ray Bans out there to suit everyone, regardless of style or face shape. Make sure you explore the Ray-Ban sunglasses on offer!

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