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There isn’t a better place to take outdoor wedding and bridal pictures than Utah. From snowy forests and mountains to scenic lakes and parks to the red rock desert, Utah offers the most naturally photogenic backdrops for wedding photos. So if you’re up for a day trip, here are some of the prettiest spots to take wedding photos throughout the state.

Park City’s Main Street


Park City is known for its countless restaurants, cute boutique shops, swanky art galleries and energetic nightlife. But Park City’s historic Main Street isn’t just for tourists or locals wanting a fun night out. The colorful, historic buildings lining the street give that perfect historic urban feel to photos. And after your photo shoot, you have tons of restaurants to choose from to celebrate surviving your photo shoot with a delicious meal.

Temple Square


 If you’re wanting outdoor and indoor shots without having to drive to two different locations, Temple Square is your one-stop wedding photo spot. For warm-weather weddings, you can’t beat the colorful scenery of the spring and summer flowers covering the 35 acres of Temple Square. The Salt Lake Temple and reflection pool provide great photo ops as well. And with numerous buildings on site, like the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and Lion House Restaurant, you can get some indoor photos featuring all the beautiful architecture, history and elegance of these buildings.

The Great Salt Lake


Did you grow up a California beach girl? Are you longing for romantic ocean-view pictures but can’t make the trip back home for them? Even though Utah isn’t near any oceans, it does have the Great Salt Lake, with various locations providing those beautiful beach scenes—complete with white sand, jagged rocks and gorgeous sunsets over the water—you desire.

Bonneville Salt Flats


For bridal sessions that will look out of this world (seriously, you go there and feel like you’re on a different planet), head to the Bonneville Salt Flats. With mountain backdrops and the water giving a ripple mirror effect of light and colors, each picture taken at this Utah location is simply magical. Just be prepared to get your feet and dress a little wet and come home covered in salt.

Thanksgiving Point


Two words come to mind when Utahns think of Thanksgiving Point—botanical beauty. You can pose in a rose garden, in front of the largest manmade waterfall in the Western Hemisphere, underneath charming arches or with fountains and thousands of seasonal flowers surrounding you.

Tibble Fork Reservoir


Nestled up American Fork Canyon, the Tibble Fork Reservoir is a go-to wedding photo spot for several Utah photographers because the landscape is astonishing year round. You can get photos with Mount Timpanogos in the background, as well as add gorgeous greens from the area’s lush evergreens surrounding the lake. The reflections of the trees surrounding the lake are pretty cool, too. And don’t shy away from this spot in the winter. It’ll be cold, but the snow covered ground and trees are a sight to see.

The Provo Orchards


The Provo Orchards are simply stunning. With an apple orchard that is breathtaking in the spring when the trees are in full bloom and in the fall with all the eye-catching fall colors, as well as the Provo Castle and Amphitheater, it’s no surprise why it’s a great location for engagements and bridals.

Arches National Park


Getting married under a flower arch will make for pretty wedding photos. But if you’re wanting jaw-dropping wedding arch photos, take your bridals at Arches National Park. The most well-known arch is Delicate Arch, but this park is home to more than 2,000 arches you can include in your photos, along with dozens of colors and textures showcasing Southern Utah’s red rock desert landscape perfectly paired with blue skies. It’s a hair-raising sight to see in person and in photos, which is why Arches is such a draw for outdoorsy couples.

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