Cycling Holiday

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Cycling holidays can be a great amount of fun, but they do take some preparation. This is especially true if you’ve never gone on a cycling holiday before. You may not know what to expect so you may end up not packing the right items, not wearing the right clothing, or having no idea how to actually advance through your scheduled itinerary. If you’re uncertain what to expect but are keen on trying a cycling holiday, here are a few different ways of preparing for your adventure.

Cycling Holiday

Think About Your Luggage

Unlike a driving holiday or even a holiday where you fly to your destination, your luggage here is going to be very restricted. You need to seriously consider what you can carry on your back and on your bike, if it has a place to attach additional luggage. Even if it does, you’re still very limited. You may want to take a jacket for cold weather, lighter clothing for warm weather, and even snacks and water for the ride. All of this adds up very quickly. Then you have to consider if you are going to purchase anything on your trip. If so, you may end up shipping it home.

Decide What You Want to Do

Most cycling holidays in the UK start from a basic itinerary, but you can customise your package to include things you really want to see or do. These holidays are self-guided, so you’re not bound to anyone else’s expertise or skills. You can set your own pace, too, and arrange lodging when and where you want to stop. If you want to do a day of hard riding to travel a large distance, you certainly can. On the other hand, you can also take a slower route so you can stop more along the way. This gives you the chance to see all of the amazing sights along the route as well as take in all the local culture, cuisine, and history.

Remember That You’ll Be Outside

You’re going to be exposed to the elements during a large portion of your cycling holiday. You’ll want to be prepared for just about anything. It could be very bright and sunny during parts of your holiday, so you’ll want sunscreen and a good hat. On the other hand, you can also hit cold weather or rain, so you’ll need to be prepared for those events, too. Sunglasses, bandanas, woollen hats, and other items may be necessary for your ride, depending on where you’re going and what the current weather is like.

Emergency Repair Supplies

If your bike tyre is punctured, you’ll want to have an emergency patch with you to repair it. You can purchase small kits that include patches, plugs, glue, and other tools. Some even come with cans of compressed air that can be used to inflate your tyre and give you enough air to get to a repair shop. Of course, even though these kits are made to be as small as possible, they’re still going to take up more of your very limited luggage space.

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