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To help you plan your trip around the beautiful cities of Europe, for you to enjoy the rich architecture of Rome and the serene snowcapped mountainous landscape of Switzerland you can save up to 20% with our trip planner. Let’s dive into the world of beauty and culture as we you experience Europe the way we have in store for you:

  1. Rome, Italy

This city is a reflection of the historically significant past Italy has gone through in its time of glory. The Colosseum from the times of the gladiators and emperors still stands tall within its ruins for you to go inside and get a taste of the past. With its metropolitan area filled with the fast pacing traffic and the reminiscing buildings, fountains and statue decorating the city, it is a sight for the eyes. The Piazza Navona is a hub of immaculately sculpted fountains and many local bars and café to indulge in.


  1. Venice, Italy

The city built on water is a conjoined commune of 118 Islands. Sitting relaxingly while your gondola pushes through the water and you enjoy the live music of the Venetian streets is a complete dream. You can help yourself to the Venice Lido which is a nice sandy beach awaiting your arrival. The public square of Piazza San Marco is a pleasant picture of a true café street.  You can pay your respects in the numerous churches or make a trip to an exciting tour of local museums.

  1. Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey is an absolute delight for those who have a good eye for cultural beauty and an authentic fusion of Middle Eastern and European style. The most fantastic of all places are the ornamented and decked decorations around the beautiful Mosques of Turkey; from Suleymaniye Mosque to Sultan Ahmad Mosque; both of which are majestic display of ancient artistry, scripture and architecture. The bazars around Turkey is a feast for the tourists to grab a little part of turkey as gifts and souvenirs from the travel.

  1. Amsterdam, Netherland

You would be left in awe once you go visit Amsterdam. It is notorious for its coffee shops, high class brands and local hospitality. The Red Light district is filled with its grandeur businesses on display to entertain and facilitate. The food and the international cuisine would keep you nibbling from one thing to another. For excursions and trips you can easily rent a bike and go for an adventure around the canal roads for your own. You can also sit and relax at Vondelpark in the fresh open air surrounded by a garden of plants and beauty.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague serves as a great spectacle for cultural history and a modern vacation. It has a great collection of Romanesque and Gothic architecture in its preserved buildings and castles. The Prague Castle is an excellent choice for an inside close look of a century old built. The walk across the Charles Bridge is splendid with its amazing view which gives a great insight about the true beauty of the city of Prague.

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