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Use Expert Travel Tips to Discover Transylvania’s Mysterious Charm

If you love to discover picturesque rural regions, preserving centuries-old, well-kept traditions, then you would definitely enjoy an adrenaline-filled holiday in Transylvania. The region, also known as Ardeal, the homeland of Dracula, is a paradise for tourists who are eager to explore dangerous mountain roads, beautiful, mysterious dark forests, old mansions, wooden churches and their remarkable stories, while getting to understand the daily trills maintained by a simple lifestyle, in permanent contact with Mother Nature’s everlasting wonders. Although you might consider yourself a bold explorer, you will definitely need a series of expert travel tips, offered by a real specialist, enabling you to make smart choices while avoiding various risks factors that could compromise the entire trip.

1) Discover the main tourist attractions

Transylvania is certainly the ideal destination for people driven by a strong sense of adventure, correlated with a genuine passion for old traditions and a simple, yet fulfilling rural existence. Be prepared to sacrifice a few hours of sleep, in order to be able to contemplate all the natural and man-made beauties located in this region. Use Internet resources, maps and tourist guide books to identify some of the most popular tourist attractions, like King Carol I’s Peles Castle, the fascinating Brukenthal Museum and architectural masterpieces, like the Palace of Culture and the Bran Castle.

2) Enjoy tasty foods and local traditions

When you plan to enjoy a few days of peace and quiet in a region as special as Transylvania is, you can’t leave until you’ve tried all its famous recipes. If you love and appreciate old wine, make sure you don’t miss Crama Sibiul Vechi, a fascinating brick cellar from Sibiu, where every glass of wine has its own story. Use expert travel tips to identify the best local restaurants, serving tasty food and great drinks at unbeatable prices. Don’t forget to try the famous “tuica” (plum alcohol) while enjoying the roasted chicken with polenta and garlic sauce making your mouth water every single time.

3) Stay in perfect shape

Those calorie-dense foods can add a few inches to your waist. Make sure you visit Transylvania’s popular wellness centers, offering treatments that can make you look up to ten years younger. If you’re a real outdoor enthusiast, perhaps you want to burn those calories by engaging all your efforts in entertaining physical exercises. Transylvania’s amazing hiking and biking tracks will help you preserve your figure, while offering you a much-awaited shot of adrenaline.

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How To Help Your Car Survive A Long Journey

CIf you love your car, then you might find yourself cringing somewhat when you prepare to go on a long journey. While cars pick up wear and tear at the best of times, long journeys can be very bad for them as you place them under more of a strain, as you increase the probability of something going wrong, and as you drive in areas that you are less familiar with and so are more likely to have accidents.

But long journeys don’t have to spell doom for your baby. As long as you are careful and you plan ahead, there are many things you can do to make long journeys better on your vehicles. Read on to find out how you can go about doing that.

Before You Leave

The biggest factors in determining how your vehicle survives a long journey will happen before you have even left. Before you set off, make sure that your car has enough fuel, that it has enough water and oil and that the tires are well pumped up. If you don’t keep the tires filled with air, then your car will essentially have less suspension and you will find it is more likely to get damaged from being jolted around as you go over bumps.

If you haven’t had your car checked over for a while, then you may want to get it more thoroughly looked over. For instance you might find that your shocks need replacing and this is something that you should definitely do before you set off on a long journey. Of course if you are constantly travelling across the country and your car is just a regular run-around, then you won’t want to take it in to be serviced every time. But if this is a particularly long journey or you think your car particularly needs it, then getting a professional (even a friend) to give it a once over can help you to prevent catastrophe.

On the Journey

On the journey you can also help your car to better survive the ordeal. This means making sure that you are gentle with it and that you don’t drive too furiously on uneven roads. It’s rushing down gravel tracks that will scratch your windows and cover your car’s body in bugs, and it’s hitting potholes at a rate of knots that will damage your suspension or your exhaust.

Choosing the right routes here can make a difference too. If you have two options and one is a little longer but means you avoid that gravel track or country lane, then it will be much better for your car in the long run.

Also important of course is to try and avoid accidents. This is something you should always be doing anyway, but on a long journey it is especially important to be vigilant as you may be getting tired and may be in a hurry to get to your destination. Make sure that you take regular breaks when your body tells you you need to, make sure that you don’t break the speed limit and make sure that you can see clearly and know where you’re going.

One of the simplest ways to look after your car is to hang back more from the car in front. Not only could this help to avoid an accident if they were to suddenly hit the brakes, but it will also mean that you get less dust and dirt thrown up in your windshield as they drive through puddles and across gravel.


When you have finished your long journey the first thing to do is to ensure that your car is parked somewhere safe. When you’re away from home it may be hard to find off road parking, but it’s worth it if you can afford it. At least try to find a less busy area and take a look to see if there’s anywhere under shelter.

And when you get home, make sure to clean your car up and give it a once over. If you do this immediately then you can catch any problems early and avoid rust setting in or a flat tyre going unnoticed.


A Great Wedding Destination: Mexico

Mexico is one of the most popular wedding & honeymoon destinations in the world. Expect incredible tropical landscapes with white sand beaches, luxury resorts.

There are so many options on where to hold the wedding: Cancun is a very popular one, then of course Riviera Maya as well, Los Cabos, just o name a few. Here are some recommendations on what not to miss from your list of tourist attractions.

And we’ll start with Acapulco– great location with spectacular cliffs and beautiful popular beaches like Hornos, Pagayao, Icacos, Tamarindos. Enjoy watching the La Quebrada Cliff Divers that perform daily in public since 1934! You have the chance to see historic buildings, the peculiar House of Masks, a museum with masks from all around the world and to finish: take a swim at the CICI water park and play with the dolphins- great place for a family vacation as well.

Mexico it’s about colonial style so a visit to the city of Guanajuatoit’s a nice short trip you should take. The city is located in the mountains of Sierra de Guanajuato.

Enjoy the beautiful haciendas, colonial buildings, colorful streets. If you are passionate about scuba diving or snorkeling, Cozumel from Yucatan Peninsula it’s the perfect place for you! Cozumel is a National Marine Park: plenty of tropical fish and amazing coral reefs.

But if white beaches and relaxation it’s your type of honeymoon vacation that you’re looking for, Los Cabos is more appropriate. This is a beach from the south of Baja California Peninsula, that has nice resorts, bars, restaurants. You can also enjoy a wide variety of water sports: scuba, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, fishing, sailing.

Some couples are more about culture and archaeological sites and Mexico has plenty. Don’t forget, after all this is the country where the old civilizations once lived, Maya, Inca and the Aztecs!

So just pick a place: Palenque– Maya sculpture and architecture, pyramids, Chichen Itza-one of the most visited Mexico’s tourist destination- the temple-pyramid of El Castillo, temples,Teotihuacan-the Pyramid of the Sun- largest one in the country and lots of other temples : Lamanai, Coba, Caracol, Copan, Tulum, Calakmul, Uzmal, Tikal, etc.

Whether you choose your wedding here, with all the services included : Judge, set-up &decoration of the wedding area, flower arrangements, live music, photo package, spa services, accommodation for all the guests or just a honeymoon package, Mexico is a great destination as you have everything you might need for this special event of your life: sunny beaches, luxury, traditional places, culture, lots of outdoors activities, exotic wildlife, adventure, incredible 5 * services- a perfect mixture of a Caribbean paradise with Mexican traditions.

Keep in mind that no matter what type of vacation you choose, an escape on a beach or to explore the local towns, there are travel deals for each budget and each taste and this is an experience that we can take care of from flight, to accommodation, organization, logistics, advising. Live the magic moments! See ourtravel deals for honeymoon and wedding in Mexico.

Travel Insurance

International Travel Insurance Companies

Are you searching for international travel insurance companies? Would you like some good advice for shopping around for insurance? Read further!

If you are looking for good travel insurance companies then you should go directly to the horse’s mouth for advice. No, we are not talking about going to the insurance company with the best advertisements and we are certainly not talking about going to the insurance company to ask whether they are a good company or not. We are saying that you need to go to former customers in order to find out whether or not you should sink your money into a certain insurance company’s policy.

If travel insurance companies perform their jobs correctly then they will be highly recommended travel insurance companies; however, if they have performed poorly then you will have a hard time finding good recommendations. Think back on a time when you were mistreated by a company. If someone were to ask you whether or not they should deal with that company, you would probably tell them not to. Are we right? The same goes for insurance. If a company performed poorly then you can rest assured that there are several people who have posted negative reviews for that particular company online. Obviously, you should steer clear of that company.

Have you found yourself wondering, “What is the big deal? Why do I even need travel insurance?” We understand that many people do not take travel insurance seriously. Some people do not even purchase it. Let us assure you that if the unthinkable occurs before or during your vacation, you will be glad that you were fully insured by a good travel insurance company!

Travel Tips

How to Abate Travel and Entertainment Expenses

Many people use public transport wherever they can because they love it. This mode of transport enables them to do whatever they want such as reading or sleeping. More importantly, it is faster and cheaper. However, it does not suit everyone and some people may not be able to use other modes of transport in their areas of residence because it is not practical for them to do so. However, if you can access this mode of transport, you can save a lot of money by following a few simple tips as follows:


1) Use trains or buses instead of flying

As compared to flying, taking trains or buses is slower but it can help you to save a lot of money. More importantly, it allows you to see more of the destination where you are going for your holiday and its surrounding countryside. However, if you are going to the US for your holiday, then you have no choice but to fly. In this case, you should buy your tickets in bulk because this is more economical as compared to buying one ticket at a time. In addition, in order for you to reduce your travel expenses when you plan to fly to the US, you should ensure that you engage a cheaper ESTA application service.

2) Travel at off peak hours

As compared to peak travel, traveling during off peak hours is cheaper and hence, you should consider it if it is possible.

3) Buy tickets for your zone

Make sure that you incur expenses only for the zones that you use by buying tickets exclusively for these zones.

4) Take advantage of your employer discounts

Many government departments and private employers offer discounts on annual tickets for public transport. You should therefore check with the Human Resource department of your organization to see if discounts are available.

You can reduce your travel expenses by following the aforementioned tips. They have proven effective for many people and they can work for you as well. However, since entertainment is also an important part of your life, you should also follow a few simple tips in order to reduce the expenses that you incur when you entertain yourself.

1) You should borrow books from your local library when you are tempted to buy them online. The librarian in this library can borrow the books that you need from other libraries if it does not have them.

2) When it comes to DVDs, most libraries have a wide selection and they offer the service at no charge. Hence, you should borrow these DVDs from them instead of buying them.

3) A barbecue allows you to enjoy food and nature simultaneously. Hence, you should hold it instead of going to a restaurant to eat.

4) As compared to other entertainment events , which cost a lot of money and take a lot of time to organize, a potluck supper is very cheap because all it requires is a salad and for you to make a few phone calls. Hence, you should consider holding it.

The aforementioned Tips to abate travel and Entertainment Expenses are not only easy to follow but they also offer some benefits such as reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment. Hence, you should start following them immediately.


China Temples, Tea, and Tradition

I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to China a couple of years ago, and I absolutely loved it. I keep dreaming about going back and would love to perhaps spend a year or two working there in the future, though I have no real idea about how that would happen. Whether you’re interested in spending a few days in China or a few years, I’m sure it will be a phenomenal experience.

When I went, I visited Beijing, Suzhou, and Shanghai. There are many other travel sites that will tell you the best places to visit (Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, the Great Wall, the many gardens of Suzhou, the Bund, the Jin Mao Tower, and many, many more), but that’s not what this article is about. I loved visiting the many tourist attractions, cultural exhibits, and exploring historic places, but there were many even more valuable—and very unexpected—experiences.

Being a Foreigner

Before travelling to China, I had never before been so conscious of my looks. As one of the few white people at many of these tourist attractions, and even just walking down the street, I stuck out like a sore thumb. Many Chinese would come up to me wanting their pictures taken with me, not by me. (I stopped offering to take their pictures in front of the beautiful historic sites after the first few times I was approached, and gave a half-hearted smile instead as they took a photo of me.) Other natives offered to help me find my way, or asked me how I was, as an opportunity to practice their English on a real person. While this was very daunting for the somewhat shy person I am, everyone was remarkably friendly and helpful, and I’m actually still in touch with a few of the people I met on my travels!

Lessons on Bargaining

Part of being recognizable as a foreigner means storekeepers and those who market their wares know that you have money to spend. This means they will often expect you to pay more than someone who looks Chinese, and some may be unhappy to sell to you at all. However, you can often pay a more reasonable price for what you want by evaluating the price of an item at a few different places, or by simply writing a number you’re willing to pay and walking away if they don’t meet that number. You might be surprised how many people are willing to sell by the time you’re turning to leave. In some places, though, it’s much harder to bargain. The price of a Starbucks latte is practically the same whether you buy it inside the Forbidden City or in your favorite US Barnes and Noble.

Check Your Bed Carefully

Maybe I’m just paranoid, but it’s not a myth that bed bugs are drastically on the rise, and bringing home these critters is NOT the right souvenir to bring back from China, or anywhere else. So do your homework on any hotel you visit. Did any reviewers mention anything that might indicate the presence of bed bugs, like itching, bumps, or actual sightings? You do NOT want to stay at a place like this. If you are worried once you arrive at the hotel, do a very careful bed bug search of all bedding, including pillows, blankets, the mattress and even box spring. Look for small dark rusty smears, shed exoskeletons, or even bed bugs themselves. If you do find any signs of bed bugs in the hotel, or are worried it could be a serious issue, it’s best to find another hotel rather than risk bringing bed bugs back to your home.

Explore like a Native

Some of the most fun experiences you might have in China, regardless of which city you’re in, is just walking around. The architecture is both so different and very similar, with elegant classical buildings abutting American franchises like KFC. I loved seeing all the growth everywhere – lots of construction, new buildings, and tremendous bustle of young people in the main cities – as I sipped on a delicious and mysterious bottled green tea drink that was available everywhere.

The subways and trains I rode (like the Shanghai Maglev) were nicer than many in US cities – cleaner, cooler, and much more punctual. It’s an ongoing clash of times and transformation that is absolutely incredible to witness and—sort of— be a part of.

Be Careful

I never felt unsafe or nervous in China, but like anywhere, it is important to be careful. Store your valuables and important contact information in a safe place, even in a hidden pouch that you strap to yourself underneath your clothes, and stay in populated, well-lit areas. Before you go (and while you’re there) use a guidebook that you like. I never used to be a guidebook fan, but using a good one will tell you all the good places to visit, and won’t take you anywhere dangerous.

I adored my visit to China and would love to see more of its rising cities, get to know more people, and learn more than just the very basics of Mandarin. I hope you enjoy your time in China as much as I did, and maybe take me with you (if you’ve got room in your suitcase)!


Aruba Vacations – 3 Places To Visit

In this article, I will be giving you 3 different places to visit while on Aruba vacations. There are a variety of places to see in Aruba, from national monuments to museums. While touring on Aruba vacations, with the items on this list, visitors will be sure to learn about and see an endless amount of interesting things while on an Aruba vacation in the desert country. There will be three installments to this article topic.

Aruba Vacations

First we start with an area that has proven a success with families of all age ranges on Aruba vacations, the Aruba Butterfly Farm. It’s beautiful sights like these that make Aruba travel amazing. Hundreds of fantastic butterflies of a diverse variety are kept here. This is one place you want to be sure to bring a camera to. With a bit of patience, you can catch some of the creatures in their natural environment, and take several beautiful photos to later take home. Information is provided by tour guides, and once you pay for your first visit, you may return again as often as you like during the duration of your stay.

Next on the list of Aruba travel area visits is the Numismatic Museum of Aruba. The word “numismatic” means the study and collection of money, and for those who are interested in learning a bit of global history on their Aruba vacations, this is a definite stop. Tourists will see coins and paper bills from all over the world, aided by informative and friendly staff. Admission includes a coin as a souvenir.

Did you know that there is a museum specifically for aloe? Not many people do. The Aruba Aloe Factory and Museum Tour is a good place for those on Aruba vacations who are interested in how things are made. The museum is educational and child-friendly, and offers a shopping experience typical of an island. With the healing agents of the free samples of aloe that are given out, the museum is also good for those who managed to get sunburned on their Aruba vacations.

In this article I gave you three different areas to explore while on Aruba vacations. These museums are chock full of information, from solely Aruba all the way to other countries. For those who find museums and tours to be boring, you’re better off with my Aruba vacations article on beaches. Otherwise, be sure to look out for the next part of this topic, where I give more things to see while on your Aruba vacation.

Travel Tips

10 Practical Travel Tips That Can Save You Money

If you have been planning to travel again anytime soon, you should definitely take note of these practical and valuable tips for saving money:

1. Use a Travel Agency

In using a travel agency, you get to ride on their bulk discounts. These are the benefits they get from booking many people at the same time. Besides, the hours you waste on planning the trip from scratch are better off utilized for other things that are more productive.

2. Read Travel ReviewsOpen Book

A lot of travelers tend to forego these reviews. You should definitely read on official travel reviews from well-known sources on the Internet and also in offline magazines. These will give you an idea about the places you can go to and the cheaper options you can avail in the different aspects of your travel.

3. Consider the “Long Cut”

If you’re going somewhere where you can opt to take the train or the bus for a longer but cheaper ride, go for it. Ask your travel agent about the rates and available schedules. This can give you some alone time and allow you to rest and get lost in your own thoughts, or perhaps even discover some treats or hidden beautiful places along the way. If you are with companions, take this time to just strengthen that bond with one another so that you can have more fun together when you get to your destination.

4. Try Street Foods

From time to time, you ought to try the street foods or food carts wherever you’re going. They must have their own versions of these. This is an adventurous, affordable take on traveling in a new place.

5. Get Packages

It’s always more practical to get packages such as when you’re traveling with a group or when you purchase tour packages that have freebies and discounts incorporated in them. You can definitely get such packages from a great travel agency.

6. Pack Light

Always try to pack light so that you’ll have room for souvenirs and a little shopping without getting charged for excess baggage.

7. Use Those Miles

If you are traveling by air, you really should use those frequent flyer miles already instead of keeping them for future use. You never know if you’ll actually get to use them later on for a bigger trip. Besides, these miles have expirations.

8. Try Backpacking

If you really want to save on some bucks and also try a more exciting itinerary and route as a traveler, you should definitely give backpacking a shot. A lot of people have done this and had great feedback. Discover more of the local flavor of a place by roughing it up and trying out more of the local stuff instead of tourist spots.

9. Go for Cool but Cheap

Research on cool but cheap dining places and attractions to go to. You may also ask family, friends, and your travel agency for recommendations. Some travel agents are quite knowledgeable about these.

10. Bring All Essentials

Lastly, make sure to bring all the essentials that are sufficient for the entire travel time. You don’t want to suddenly run out of deodorant and have to buy one in a place where all deodorants are expensive. You don’t want to forget your swimming attire and have to buy it at the beach where the shops sell only designer ones. It’s best to be sure than sorry and buried in credit card debt.

Travel Tips

Don’t Let Information Overload Ruin Your Travels

We are surrounded by information, so much information, in fact, that there is a term for it: information overload. Where we once had to rely on a very small pool of reliable sources, there are now so many that it can make us feel like we’re able to become experts about anything, be it computer programming or travel. This is true, but it’s also true that it takes a long time to learn enough to know what you don’t know. When it comes to travel, knowledge is power and travel agents know.

One of the pitfalls of information overload is that when a person is presented with too much information, like all that information available on the internet about your preferred destination, you can’t process all of it. As the excess information builds up, our ability to make good decisions actually decreases. Ever been confronted with a rack of choices at the supermarket and just froze, stared at all the possibilities and finally just grabbed the cheapest option so you could move on? That’s information overload at work and the same thing can happen when setting up your travel arrangements.

Say you go to one of the many websites that promises the best airfares or cruise fares or hotel room prices and enter your information. Then you get confronted with a list of options. You scroll down and find out that there are an additional ten pages of choices. Information overload. If you do what most people do, you sort the list by price and pick one of the choices right near the top. Maybe because it leaves at a time you like, or on a date you like or just because the price looks right.

Now think about your job. How often are you faced with a mass of information or set of problems and there is no information overload? Your knowledge lets you filter the relevant and irrelevant information to get what you need from that mass of information or set of problems, and your mind ignores the rest.

When it comes to things like booking travel arrangements, that’s what a travel agent does. They’ve developed the expertise, over time, to be able to filter the good information from the bad and the good deals from the bad. They take the power of all that knowledge and experience and apply it to your specific situation, pulling out the options that actually serve your ends, rather than picking the ones that cost the least or leave at the right time or have a view.

Information overload when it comes to travel is especially precarious because we leave behind our safety net when we go away. That web of relationships we rely on to keep on course is now 500 or 1000 or 3000 miles away. Making a travel decision based on escaping information overload can land you in a terrible hotel, after a horrible flight, and in the wrong part of town. If you want to let someone who sorts travel information professionally take a crack at handling your travel arrangement, the folks at 1720 S Bellaire St. Suite 308, Denver, CO 80222 would be happy to help.