cab in Noida

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A major business centre, Noida is located in close proximity to New Delhi. You can take the metro from New Delhi and then take a cab in Noida to tour around the city. This article talks about everything Noida is known for and what you should do to have a good time in the city.

Before you get into any ideas, let me be clear, Noida is not a holiday destination. It is just a spot you can visit while on your trip to New Delhi. No one actually goes to Noida for a holiday. A major fact unknown to many is that ‘Noida’ is not the christened name of the city. NOIDA actually stands for (New Okhla Industrial Development Area), which makes it just an abbreviation of its actual name The planned city does not have much to offer to visitors and sightseers as it is more a commercial and business zone with offices as opposed to buildings with tourist attractions. Hire a cab in Noida and ride around the city to know more about it.

cab in Noida

Noida can easily be approached from New Delhi via taking the metro. The metro in Delhi is the cheapest and fastest means of transport you can expect to find. Packed with working professionals and college students day in and day out, you can reach Noida by just a change of metro trains after a brief ride of about half an hour, depending on your source of origin. There are a few sights to see around Noida and plays host to some landmark sporting events. The Noida half marathon and the Formula one race are the standouts among the few. Noida plays home to the Buddh International Circuit, which was one of the race tracks for the world acclaimed racing sport, ‘Formula 1’. It was inaugurated in 2011 and hosted the very first race that very year. Due to site maintenance and being unable to cope up with the tax demands of the Government the race course is currently suspended which is why the Buddh International circuit is not included in the 2016 Formula one race calendar. Sport enthusiasts in India are praying and hoping it resumes again soon since 2011 was a long prayer answer for them but the dream and happiness was short lived as it lasted only for a couple of years. Formula one is not the only world event that was held in Noida. In 2010, the World Commonwealth Games were held in the very same course used for the formula one tracks.

The city of Noida lies on the northern piece of India, close New Delhi. Noida is flanked in the west and south by the Yamuna River. It is verged on the north and northern west by the city of New Delhi. Besides, it is circumscribed along the northern east part by Ghaziabad and New Delhi. In conclusion, it is circumscribed by the Hindon River on the northern east, south and east partition. The city is under the catchments range of the stream Yamuna. It depends on an old waterway support.

A standout amongst the most well known points of interest in Noida is the War Memorial. This spot is arranged inside a Golf Course worked to recognize the Battle of Patparganj in the year 1803. The dirt on the city is basically loamy and rich, making it ideal for developing different products like grains, wheat, vegetables, other money harvests and sugarcanes. Because of urbanization, the primary harvests in Noida are presently foods grown from the ground. The city is encompassed by dried deciduous trees, for example, the Sal, Teak and Sheesham. You can make your stay in one of the hotels or villas in Noida or simply stay comfortably in Delhi itself and just take the metro or cab to Noida.

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