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Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in Western Europe that’s why it is rich in ancient Gothic, Baroque, and Romanesque architectural constructions. Historical monuments can be found all over the city. Since it is the only city in Europe that’s along the Atlantic Ocean, it enjoys Mediterranean climate and its winters are warmer than those of the other cities of Europe.

The transport system in Lisbon is made up of various motorways and rail stations. The typical means of transportation within the city are trams. In fact, the oldest trams can be seen at the Public Transport Museum. The other transport options one can use are trains, commuter buses, ferries, and planes. There are various car rental companies that make it easy to rent a car at Lisbon Airport, should one need to.

There are various hotels within and around the city that cater for the visitor’s needs. Some of the best hotels in Lisbon are:

Intercontinental Hotel Lisbon

The Intercontinental hotel is located opposite the Eduardo VII Park, and it’s just fifteen minutes away from the airport. The hotel has various facilities like a fitness center, room service, restaurant, etc. The upper floors provide one with stunning views. There are also special rooms for people with disabilities. The prices range from £117 to £167 for the double rooms. The Hotels is located on Rua Castilho.

Pousada de Lisboa

This hotel is located in the heart of Lisbon where the royal palace once stood. The interior décor boasts of both historical and modern pieces. The hotel has various services like a bar, laundry, sauna, etc. The price for the double rooms ranges from £150 to £320. The hotel is situated on the Praça do Comércio.

Palacio Belmonte

This hotel is built on the walls of the city’s most important historical site, the Castle Sao Jorge. The décor is made up of 18th century tiles, antique furniture and paintings. It only has eleven suites with the best views on Lisbon’s amazing landmarks such as the Pantheon. The hotel is not easily accessible since it’s located in a restricted zone. The prices for the rooms start from €250 for a double room. The hotel is located on the Pateo dom Fradique.

Corinthia Hotel

Corinthia Hotel is conveniently located within the business district. It has twenty four floors where décor boasts of spacious interiors and plus rooms that are decorated in a mixture of browns and golds. The prices for the double rooms start from £110. The hotel is located on the Avenue Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro.

Lisbon is one of the cheapest cities in the Western Europe so whether one is going to Lisbon for leisure or business, all your needs as a visitor will be catered for. Whatever activities one would like to engage in – going to clubs, visiting historical site, shopping, exploring, visiting museums, going to the beach, etc. – Lisbon has taken care of that all.

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