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There are the usual suspects when it comes to taking a romantic holiday. Yes, Paris is the city of love (and it’s indeed lovely), but you need to remember that some 32 million other people have the same idea each year. Hawaii can also be a nice choice, but you might come home to discover that half the people on your social media accounts have unfriended you after they couldn’t tolerate the 219 beach selfies you uploaded. But these holiday spots have got the general idea right when it comes to romance.

Travel detail
Detail of a young couple’s journey

There’s a bit of culture and a bit of fun in the sun. But wouldn’t it be a nice to take your beloved somewhere truly special? Somewhere that create special memories for the both of you that will last a lifetime? Somewhere that will make your friends and family totally jealous? Let’s take a look at some amazing places for your next romantic getaway.

Costa da Caparica, Portugal

While it’s officially a town in its own right, the Costa da Caparica is essentially a beachside suburb of Lisbon. The buzz of the city is just a short trip away, and the best way to reach it is with a short bus ride to Cacilhas, followed by a ride on a delightfully ramshackle ferry into the heart of Lisbon. The Costa da Caparica has its own identity, and even in the busy summer months it’s easy to escape the crowds and find a virtually empty part of the beach where you and your beloved can stare out over the Atlantic and watch the waves passionately crashing onto the shore.

You should also hang around on the beach, since a rather wonderful thing happens in the early evening. At around 6pm, a number of small fishing boats actually sail through the waves and onto the beach, where they sell seafood so fresh that it’s still flopping around. It’s an ideal way to get some incredibly fresh ingredients to make a romantic dinner for two.

Chatham Islands, New Zealand

Isolation is the name of the game if you and your special someone travel to this group of islands located 680km off the coast of New Zealand. There are only 600 people who permanently live on the islands, so you won’t have to try too hard to find some privacy. The largest town (Waitangi) only has 200 people! The islands offer a rural getaway with plenty of opportunities for cuddling by the fire. Your days can be spent exploring the nature with amazing views of the rather dramatic southern ocean.

You will probably even get to meet a number of sheep, since wild flocks of them roam the countryside. It’s worthwhile to make the trip to nearby Pitt Island, and to make the climb to the top of Kahuitara Point. This is the first place in the world where the day starts (the earliest possible time zone), so you and your beloved can literally feel like the first couple in the whole world.

Havana, Cuba

International intrigue, a rich culture, and some self-indulgent fun in the sun all come together in the Cuban capital. International visitors have always been welcomed with open arms in Cuba (yes, even Americans) although recent diplomatic developments have made it easier for everyone to travel to Cuba. Even as more people visit the island and rather unsurprisingly fall in love with it, Cuba has a certain something that can’t be found anywhere out. Havana has a dishevelled beauty that pulsates with life. The Old Town is so achingly pretty to look at that you can’t quite believe that such a place exists. A vintage Havana tour is the best way to sample the delights of the city’s past. Havana can also be a little bit exhausting in the best possible way. You want to cram as much as possible into each day, and the nights are filled with cocktails and dancing.

Make sure that you and your beloved take a romantic stroll along the Malecón – a walkway that runs along the edge of the harbour.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague isn’t exactly a hidden holiday secret, so yes, you will need to share it with other visitors. But the sheer romanticism of the city’s architecture will make you feel so darn enchanted that you won’t much care about the other people milling around and taking photos. Prague’s Old Town dates back to the 9th century and is remarkably well-preserved. It’s also nice and compact, so you and your special someone can have a gentle stroll through the narrow cobblestone streets. If you happen to be in Prague on May 1st, climb to the top of Petřín Hill and kiss your beloved under a cherry tree.

Tradition says that this will guarantee that both of you will stay beautiful for another year. Only a year? OK, so maybe the Czechs are not the most romantic people…

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