Hong Kong

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Some call it the gambling mecca of Asia, others think of it as Asia’s own version of Las Vegas. Either way, Macau deserves the monikers, as it is home to gigantic modern casinos and other skyscrapers that make for a beautiful skyline, especially at night.

Hong Kong

One of the most popular ways to travel to Macau is during Hong Kong vacation. All it takes is just a short boat ride. This is why a lot of tourists in their Hong Kong holiday packages take a trip to Macau , as the boat ride only lasts up to 75 minutes from Hong Kong’s ferry terminal.

Holiday Package: Best of Hong Kong, Macau & Disneyland

Ferry Terminals

There are three terminals in Hong Kong where tourists can get a ride to Macau – The China Ferry Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal in the Shun Tak Centre, and the Sky Pier, which takes tourists to Macau by air from the Hong Kong International Airport. This ride is only available for transiting tourists.

Ferry Rides

Different ferry companies operate the Hong Kong to Macau route, and they are found on either of the Hong Kong terminals.

Turbojet and CotaiJet are available in both the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal and the China Ferry terminal. They operate on different schedules. Tourists are advised to check the schedules beforehand.

The quickest and fastest route

If you’re really pressed for time or you have the money to burn, you can reach Macau aboard a helicopter from Hong Kong to Macau.

It would only take you about 20 minutes to reach your destination. For such convenience, you need to pay thousands per person. One of the companies providing helicopter service is the Sky Shuttle Helicopter limited company.

Pre-Departure Tips

  • Book Your Trip In Advance

At the Shun Tak Centre, you’ll find several travel agencies that can help make arrangements for your trip. But it is highly recommended that you have your Macau Holiday trip booked beforehand, or together with your Hong Kong trip. This way, you don’t have to line up to buy tickets, and you get to choose whether to ride economy class, Super Class or VIP class.

  • Choose The Seat most Appropriate For You

Although the trip won’t take that long, it is best to travel in comfort. You deserve it, after all. However, if you are traveling on a budget, choosing economy class isn’t all that bad.

But what’s great about Super Class is that you get a snack for your trip, while the VIP Class gives you the privacy that you need, as you will be traveling in a separate room inside the ferry.

  • Choose Travel Dates Wisely

Like most things travel-related, fare also goes up during the weekends or on holidays. In some cases, you don’t have other choice but to travel VIP class. So if your travel dates aren’t that flexible, prepare to pay more for a better seat. Not a bad deal, really.

  • Visa Requirements

All Travelers must have a passport valid 6 months after their planned departure from Macau.

Depending on nationality, tourist visa for 30 to 180 days may be granted. Citizens from mainland China with a Hong Kong Visa are allowed to enter Macau from Hong Kong.

Everyone must fill out the Immigration Form to get through immigration. EU, UK, US or Canada residents would only take a few minutes of processing. Other nationalities should check their specific visa requirements when entering Macau from Hong Kong.

Are you ready to take the Macau detour from Hong Kong ?

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