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Travelling around the country in a recreational vehicle is some of the best fun you can have in your life. It is exciting, freeing, and quite affordable. Driving, especially while petrol prices are low, is one of the most affordable ways to get around the country. There are many different options when it comes to motorhomes and campervans, though. To keep your trip as satisfying and as affordable as possible, you need to get a good grasp on what you need. That way you can hire the right size motorhome and not spend any more money than you need to. So, here are the criteria.

How Many People Are Going?

This is your first consideration. In addition to asking yourself this, you should also ask yourself how many people are paying. If you’re the only one dropping any money, that might change your math a little bit. Motorhomes typically range from two-person campervans to six-person motorhomes.

You should pick one big enough to fit everyone comfortably, but not so big that you’re wasting money. Bigger ones are more expensive and consume more petrol, which also drives up the cost of your trip. Once you’ve got it figured out how many people you need to accommodate, you can decide what amenities you want.

luxury motorhome

What Amenities Do You Need?

Your motorhome hire possibilities are going to have all different kinds of amenities. Some of them are going to be bare bones motorhomes that are great for getting from point A to point B. Some of them are going to be luxurious rolling living rooms with kitchens and bathrooms attached. Obviously, ones that have more amenities are going to be more expensive, but they could end up saving you money in the long run. If you have a lot of people, people with dietary restrictions, or children, you might end up stopping for food, bathroom breaks, and such more often. The ability to prepare meals on the motorhome could save you time and petrol. Plus, you won’t have to pay restaurant prices for food. Those are all considerations for the amenities you’ll need. Then, you can decide your final budget.

How Much Is Left in the Budget?

Once you’ve figured out how many berths you’re going to need and which amenities you’ll need, you will find yourself in a certain price range of motorhomes. That will give you a ballpark on how much you’re going to need to spend to hire a motorhome. Then, you need to think about how much is left in the budget. You’re going to need to budget for petrol and food as well. The easiest way to do that is to keep track of how much food you eat in your house for about a week. You can also check the fuel efficiency of any motorhome and get a pretty decent estimate of how much money you will spend on petrol over the course of the trip.

Those are basically the three most essential questions you need to ask yourself to pick the right motorhome. Once you’ve answered those, you can probably narrow down possible hires to the one that’s best for your group.

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