Hello, my name is Onial Besad and I am a freelancer. I enjoy helping people with their projects by creating content for different websites. is one of them!


If you are dreaming about becoming a travel content writer, then there are plenty of markets waiting to pay freelance travel content writers for their stories about road trip experiences, destinations and other memorable journeys that they have made. You have to think outside the box, don’t just bound yourself that travel content writing job is all about getting online and get published, there are many local and regional publications as well, you should be exploring that as well.


Every day you have to look up for the freelance travel content writing jobs as it is easily available so it is affordable for many, hence decreasing your chances to get to the top of the page. Some of the places where you can find the jobs are

Matador Travel – Matador Travel looks for the original writing, videos and photography stuff which speak of adventures, culture and identities of people around the globe. They suggest writers to go through their website and know what has already been pitched in and should come with some new angle and interesting topics.

BoostnAll – This site mostly covers the agendas on like tips on saving money, packing and other topics which are based on the interviews of the travellers. But if you want to contribute to the website then be sure to contact them. Calls for submissions are often very different.

Freelance writing blogs- Sign up to some of the blogs, there you can find many travel freelance content writing jobs. Like one is freelance writing gigs, there you can find job updates. There is a huge list of online jobs which can be found there. Most of them are aimed at American writers that is one of the problem areas, but you can always crack it if you can convince them enough. Keep a track on pro bloggers jobs board and the craigslist which each major city of Europe has it and helps in managing the clientele very easily.

GoNoMad – It includes travel destinations, activities and experiences for GoNoMad but this website takes a keen notice of writing style that meets its style and focus, so before sending anything to go through the website. They say no glossy magazine fluff and no standard guideline books as well as no promotional hype. Only honest, accurate and well-written articles.

National Geographic Traveller – This magazine looks for fresh content and spirit of the destinations in their stories. And what better to get published at than National Geographic when you are freelancing. Each issue of this magazine typically includes five features, with about half on US destinations and half covering international travel. Their average story length is about 750 words but before pitching in go through its website.

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