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Some people might call crossbows as old style tools but if you talk to hunting experts you will come to know that they are best and most trusted weapon for hunting (and archery). Crossbows have evolved from simple pieces of string to highly sophisticated designed tools such as the famous Barnett Crossbows. However, we understand that with so many different varieties of bows in the market, selecting the right one can be a bit difficult. There are budget ones, expensive ones and even used crossbows for sale that you can get your hands on. We have combined some great tips on how to choose the best crossbows for your hunting adventures:

The five main features to consider while making a crossbow purchase are: crossbow design, crossbow speed, crossbow weight, draw weight and your price range:

  1. Crossbow design: Each person has his own specific hunting style and physical ability. It is important to select the crossbow design that complements your style. Some popular crossbow designs are:
  • Recurve: Recurve is the oldest crossbow design. It is very simple to use and easy to repair. You can even change the string yourself. Particularly great for people who do not want to spend much. They are lighter to carry yet one drawback is that they are difficult to cock and louder. Not recommended for the aged.
  • Compound: Compound is the most widely used crossbow today. They are easier to cock and have a great speed. Compounds can be heavy weight and difficult to carry.
  • Reverse Draw: Reverse Draw is considered as the most efficient design. They are fast, lightweight and quieter but can be a bit costly.
  1. Crossbow speed: Crossbow speed is probably the most important factor to consider. If you are hunting larger animals, then you want your crossbow to hit the target as soon as possible. In case of wildlife hunting, the speed of the crossbow decides whether you die or live.
  2. Crossbow weight: Heavier crossbows are difficult to carry especially if you like hunting for long hours. If you are an occasional hunter, then a heavy weight crossbow may also do the job. Also note that a heavier crossbow is usually more stable. Look for a light and compact crossbow if you are a regular hunter.
  3. Draw weight: Roughly, draw weight is the effort or force required to draw the bow. Normally crossbows have a draw weight of around 150lbs (this draw weight is perfect for hunting deer, rabbits and other small animals). Go for a crossbow of greater draw weight if you want to hunt larger animals. The greater the draw weight, the greater would be the speed.
  4. Price range: Lastly, we all know that better crossbows would have a higher price too. Look for a mix of price, quality and performance so you do not have to regret your decision. Take note of the factors that you need the most and those that you can compromise on.

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