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Most of the people love Las Vegas and it is one of the good opportunities to review all the hotels, their rooms, roulette, drinking, cheap deals, casinos, pokers and food at the cheapest rates. It is better to make a note on each of the Vegas hotels and know about the various things that include the Wifi, casino area, rooms, pools, entertainment and everything. You can turn reviews that are appearing on the site that can help you to make a list of the casinos.

The first hotel is the Alexis Park Resort Hotel. This hotel provides only non-gaming environment for the tourists in the area. It is a few miles away from the Mc Carran International Airport. This hotel provides all sort of entertainment including the gambling, eating, dancing and watching the sports. When you are entering the hotel building, you will be entering in a big entrance hall on one side and a mini market on the other side. You will be seeing the businessmen in the lobby and in the restaurants, older folk and the typical vegas tourists who are moving around the hotel. Some of the things that you can know about this hotel are the free shuttle and the planet Hollywood, different type of guests at the casino, 2 bed loft rooms, very relaxing pool area, expensive Excalibur and away from the strip, good hotel if you are attending the business conventions and many more.

The next hotel is the Aria. It is among the 2000’s version of the Excalibur and the Luxor. You can get the feel of luxury once you come in this hotel. You will get to taste top most dishes including the American fish my Michael, breeze café, Javier’s, bara masa, Julian Serrano and many more. The hotel and the casino is clan and it looks like that it is build few years back.

Another hotel is the Artisan, once it became odd and art-filled but later it was remodeled for attracting the guests and enjoying the night life. There are more than 64 rooms having repkiacs of masterpieces and modern styles. It is very popular hotel in the area. Other top hotels include Bellagio and Buffalo Bill. For more details Visit 

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