Honeymoon Travel Insurance

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Honeymoon is typically the time of joy and relaxation and you surely want it would stay this way even if you stumble upon some problems once you are in the middle of your honeymoon trip. Not to mention so common these days problems with travel agencies, which go out of business or cancel trips – this sort of thing could quite literary ruin your honeymoon! In order to be best prepared for the unexpected and avoid troubles buy honeymoon travel insurance for you and your spouse and enjoy your honeymoon in relaxed atmosphere… or get a quick reimbursement if anything goes wrong.Honeymoon Travel Insurance
What is the honeymoon travel insurance?
Honeymoon travel insurance is the type of travel insurance prepared especially for newlyweds traveling abroad. By design this insurance is usually a short stay travel policy (with 1 to 6 week long duration period), but it should also cover a lot more than typical travel insurance do. The cancellation options are usually more advanced and developed for honeymoon travel insurance in comparison with basic travel insurance plan. The policy is issued for both spouses and it can sometimes be extended to cover also for kids if newlyweds plan to travel as a family.
The most important reasons for purchasing honeymoon travel insurance
When you look at a typical honeymoon travel so many things can go wrong. Honeymoon trips usually lead newlyweds to distant and exotic locations, where a lot can happen, including tropical diseases, sudden natural disasters, terrorist attacks etc. Young married couples also prefer to spend their honeymoons actively, enjoying new types of sports and engaging in all sorts of adventures. And although both the wedding and the honeymoon trip is something you plan many months ahead it can get canceled for various reasons: your personal problems and decisions, flight cancellations or travel agencies going bankrupt. If you do not want to spend the savings of your lifetime on a single trip that turned into a disaster, purchase honeymoon travel insurance to be able to effectively deal with the problems or receive reimbursement if the journey is cancelled for any particular reason.
Coverage and exclusions
Honeymoon travel insurance come in limited basic plans, as well as the multi coverage policy, it all depends on how much you can spend on the purpose and what exactly you might want or need to do during your stay. The most common exclusions from the policy are first of all related to the honeymoon destination. Even minor terrorist threat, which happened a few months before your trip might result in the country being banned from the insurer’s coverage list and this can cause lots of trouble when you try to get the reimbursement for the trip, especially if there was no terrorist attack clause in your policy. Pre-existing medical conditions can also be problematic if you have not declared them early enough. Additional reimbursement for damage suffered during extreme sport activities is also rarely covered by honeymoon travel policy, unless you have the advanced insurance plan.
What should my honeymoon travel insurance policy include?
All honeymoon travel insurance policies should cover medical emergencies, baggage loss and trip cancellations, but if you spend lot of money on the trip itself you might also consider paying more for the insurance policy if this will grant you the “cancelation for any reason” option. It is the best solution to receive full reimbursement for the trip if you plan to travel to an exotic country you do not know much about or when something unexpected made you cancel your wedding or postpone the trip.
Unfortunately the “cancelation for any reason” option is usually really expensive. If you do not want to increase the already high cost of your honeymoon trip you might also look for “cancelation due to work reasons” option, which is limited only to your professional responsibilities and duties as the reasons for cancellation, but it is a good option for everyone, whose busy lifestyle makes it almost impossible to set a concrete date for the trip.
Remember to always start from making the actual plans and reservations for your trip and then buying the insurance, as this will help you decide what you really need. But do not wait until the very last minute with the insurance purchase! Some companies have very restrictive regulations regarding the time when the policy should be purchased in order to ascertain the validation of all clauses and options in your policy.
Do not forget to buy adventure coverage if you want to spend time actively during the honeymoon and make sure that your policy has trip interruption and missed connection coverage in case your honeymoon trip is more complex and includes many stops and changes before you reach the final destination.

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