Vietnam Visa Approval Online And Fee Criteria

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In case you need to enter Vietnam, then first you need is a passport and a valid visa.  There are several questions that comes in the mind like is it difficult to take VISA? How long will it take to get Vietnam VISA? How much is the Vietnam visa fees for Indian? If these are the questions that you need answers for, then go through this precise guide and know all the details of getting VISA. There are options available and one can choose according to their preferences.

Apply Vietnam VISA online

Also called VOA- Vietnam Visa online.  You can apply visa online via website from where you can get the approval letter and then you can pick up the visa at Vietnam airports.  From 2015 Indian nationality is categorized in the nationality group that is difficult and for this Indians needs higher approval fee to get the approval letter, return tickets, passport copy requirements.  Applying for visa online is easy and also handy for some. You can easily apply for the online visa and get it within one to three months depending upon your circumstances. Indians can also stay longer by extending their Visa’s.

Things to keep in mind

  • Before you apply for the Vietnam visa it is important that you check your passport first. It must have 6 months validity from the arrival date and must also have blank pages for new stamp.
  • Visa on arrival is only applicable if you are flying to Vietnam. No other means of transportation is valid.
  • Applying online from the Govt. site or authorized sites are only valid

Things required getting Vietnam visa

Follow the requirements

  • Your exact name according to passport; full name, order of the name is also important , you can place your surname first or the first name
  • DOB; the format will be DD/MM/YY
  • Nationality ; it should be exactly as described on the passport
  • Arrival date: Fill the suitable date of your arrival.
  • Photo:  photographs are required only at your passports for Vietnam

How to apply?

Green Visa can help you when you need to apply for the Vietnam visa and can also give you a hassle free process so that you can travel to Vietnam without any challenge. The best part of using this portal is easy as compared to the applying process via Vietnam embassy. It is also easy and quick and they also provide you with the full support and assistance.

Follow these 4 simple steps

Step 1:- you need to fill the application form available online

Step2:- confirmation and fee

Step 3:- receive the approval letter and get a print

Step4:- get the stamp on your visa upon arrival at the international airports of Vietnam


Make sure that you fill the requirements appropriately like

  • Name
  • DOB
  • Passport number
  • Arrival date and
  • Gender

All these steps will make sure that you get Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian passport and travel to Vietnam to fulfill the purpose of your visit.

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