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Among the various transportation facilities available, Sky transportation is the fastest mode of transporting. Holidays and business trips to various countries around the world are made possible by the airways. So Planning and making arrangements ahead of travel is a smart move! So there are various things that have to be done for a proper trip. The first and foremost thing is to get the tickets for traveling. Once it is done, the accommodation has to be decided, then the mode of getting into the accommodation place. There are various agencies that provide these traveling facilities. If a person is planning a trip to Geneva, then booking the tickets for flight travel, resorts for accommodation and Geneva ski transfer services for transport in online would make this trip a pleasant one!

transport services

Getting transport facilities is easy!

There are various transport facilities available in Geneva, but when the group of people is more than three it is best to travel with airport transfers rather than the public transport system for better comfort. There are many places that attract tourists from all over the world. This includes Temple de Saint-Pierre, water jet and du Bourg-de-Four, Jardin Anglais, and the headquarters of the United Nations (UN). Among these Waterjet is the most famous place that has to be visited as it has become a famous landmark in Geneva. Here the lake water is ejected to a height of about 145 meters this has been made possible by pumping the water of about 500 liters per second. It has become the symbol for Geneva. The next tourist place is du Bourg-de-Four is the famous square in the oldest town that is located in the heart of Geneva. It contains the building and monuments from the early 1700’s. The next would be the Jardin Anglais which is called as English Garden, It is located on the south side of the lake Rive Gauche, and this English garden contains the large flower clock in different colours of flowers that bloom in the different season which provides an aesthetic view to the visitors.

Geneva – place of beauty and historical importance!

The next would be the place that has the political importance, It is European Headquarters of the United nations with the delegates passing of more than 25,000 annually, they also provide the guided tour into the buildings where one could witness the artworks and interiors from various parts of the world. It has a seating capacity of more than 2000 members which is used for the official organizational meetings. Geneva also has a high historical importance; it contains three large historical museums. One of such museum is located in Geneva, which has the unique collection of historic monuments, other than this they also contain paintings from the 18th centuries and the monuments of the early history, which dates back to iron ages, and also contains the artifacts during roman, Gallo-roman periods and till the middle ages of ancient history. Other than this there are various botanical gardens that contain the rare species of plants and medicinal plant varieties. Thus, visiting these places in any one of the booked Geneva ski transfers will offer you a comfortable journey.


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