holiday homes

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You work hard every year and deserve to take some much-needed time away from the world with your loved ones. Rather than book unsatisfactory hotels or resorts for your holiday, invest in a holiday home to make the most out of your holidays. Waiheke Escapes created their business around the accumulation and perfection of holiday home choices. No matter if you wish to take a long weekend away from the world or want to spend the whole summer holiday away, there are beautiful, properly staffed properties available. As you consider holiday homes in Waiheke Island, you should remember the many benefits associated with the purchase of a holiday home. No matter the size of your family or if you have pets, you can easily find exactly what you are looking for on this pristine island.

holiday homes

Enjoy More Space

Unlike a cramped hotel or resort, holiday homes in Waiheke Island are the perfect option to enjoy all the space and privacy you could ever want from a destination holiday. Waiheke Escapes understands your need for such things and thus, they offer a wide range of premium houses, family houses, apartments and villas. Even if you have a pet or two, there are pet-friendly properties available to you. Within a holiday home, you can give you and your loved ones the room they need to fully enjoy the adventure Waiheke Island has to offer them. These properties are as affordable and beautiful as they are spacious, and you won’t leave your holiday with an ounce of stress in your body again.


Unlike a resort or hotel, holiday homes in Waiheke Island come equipped with a state of the art kitchen with everything you might need to create the perfect dinner for your loved ones. Most hotels lack even a mini fridge, and thus, you find yourself forced to eat out every evening. Although the local cuisine is unparalleled in its delectable flavours and variety, you might choose to cook at home one evening in order to enjoy your family in a more private setting. No holiday is quite complete without family time and home cooked meals, and your loved ones will gush about the day’s adventures over your delicious food.


Each property is equipped with a highly trained staff who dedicate their time and energy to the perfect holiday experience every single time. Not only will your home likely come equipped with its own washer and dryer in order to ease the worries of a long holiday, but you will enjoy a perfectly clean home every time you walk inside. You earned the right to the perfect holiday season with all of the long hours you spent working this year. Rather than let this opportunity slip away, you should seriously consider the benefits of such a decision. Your family will never run out of activities to enjoy on the beautiful island of Waiheke, and you will feel like you stepped into another world from the first day to the last.

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