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Sweet tooth or health junkie, this list of food is a must-try for your summer trips. No matter the reason for the trip such as overseas cricket tours, Caribbean cruises or thrill seeking adventures; There’s no reason for you not to try out these world wonders!

Greece – Souvlaki

Souvlaki, in simple terms, is made out of pieces of meat (Usually pork or beef) grilled on a skewer, combined with a mixture of vegetables. It can be served right on the skewer or wrapped in a pita wrap or grilled bread. Combining the tastes of the vegetables and meat with garnishes and sauces, it’s a simple dish made perfectly for any type of person.

Vietnam – Goi Cuon

This is essentially a Vietnamese Spring Roll. Typically served at room temperature, without being fried, they usually include pork, prawns and vegetables. Due to the rice paper being so thin, you can see the ingredients inside which makes it even more beautiful! Usually served with a small sauce, this delight is a definite not to be missed!

Italy – Lasagne

An all-time favourite for me, and it will be for you! This deliciously layered meal is basically a pasta cake. Layers of thin sheets of pasta, covered with cheese and marinade with the option for meat (or vegetables if you are a vegetarian). Usually using beef, this delicious meal is usually treated with herbs such as basil and is the perfect holiday meal if you’re feeling a little home sick as it’s warm, lovely texture really brings you back to your youth.

Indonesia – Martabak Manis/Terang Bulan.

Either made with stuffed pancakes or pan-fried bread, this delicious treat is definitely for the sweet tooth in you. Usually filled with things from nuts, to chocolate, to anything you can imagine, this snack can be made to your tastes (sweet OR savoury)! How about that? They’re also known to be cheap and sold at street vendors and is one of the most popular Asian street foods.

Thailand – Som Tam

Also known as Green Papaya Salad, this succulent healthy dish is a sight to behold. Unlike it’s looks, it is actually quite spicy and depending on the place you go, it may get even spicier. It’s made out of (would you have guessed?) shredded Papaya! It can come in many different types such as: Hot Chilli, Savoury Fish Sauce, Salty, Sour Lime and Sweet. All ingredients are made by being pounded in a mortar and the ingredients can be customised to your acquired tastes.

Canada – Poutine

Made of French Fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. It’s basically Canada’s version of the British staple; Cheesy Chips! Seen as it’s sold in various diners and fast food chains across Canada, this is known more as a drunken/street type of food.

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