family holidays

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My mother would tell me often “I don’t even remember how you grew up”. I have a child and can count how at the end of each day I breathe a sigh of relief and thank god for a smooth day passed by.

When I sit back and think what could be the difference, a very noticeable change is the change in the way we live. When I was young we lived in joint families and today I live independently with my husband. This gives our children such less exposure than what we had in so many walks of life.

So what do we do to catch up to make them bond with their cousins. How do we catch up on our fast running and hectic lives? Yes fast catching trends are movie dates, lunches at restaurants and if time and place has its ways it’s got to be destination vacations.

Our usual endeavour is to plan someplace where we can start the fun right from the travel to the stay and then back. Bringing families together is what these fun filled trips do.

I am working on self created check list of the things-to-do list and am super excited to plan this for our family. Elders and children as together making their plans on how they are going to spend quality time together.

family holidays
Father and daughter on beach building sand castle

This time Shimla it is! A quick browse through the website and I come through this lovely place called the Koti Resort Shimla with exciting amenities and a wonderful experience ahead. My heart goes out to the ambience and scenic beauty I see on the photographs. Inviting and luxurious and photogenic scenics to keep our memories alive when we are back!

Great rooms, exotic dining, studio cooking am sure will make this an exciting stay. Large lawn space to cater to the needs of the elders and children alike is such an added advantage.

Another peek at the Radisson Hotel Shimla assures me that I have an excellent choice at hand. Known for the brand it is the pictures say it all. Known for a posh experience and grand stay I am totally excited to pose this option to my family and am sure they will like it too.

Just 26 kms from the airport and so very close to the mall this hotel is also on the charts. I am personally noting this option for a business offsite as well because of the varied amenities it provides for conferences and seminars.

I will meeting my family and discussing all of this and am sure we are all going to have a ball of a time in no matter which of the two places we put our hands on.

It’s the experience of being together, spending those wonderful stress free moments and getting to know each other better that this vacation is going to provide is what all of us are looking at.

On my to do list is a lot of shopping for the right clothes for the snow, first aid boxes checked, cameras loaded with new memory sticks and lots and lots more… Don’t forget the goody bags because that’s what the kids count on most on their journey.

I have truly enjoyed this experience of preparing the draft of the holiday and am wondering how exciting is this actually going to be when we finally step out!

I suggest all of us to make these family get together once in every a while. It’s so exciting and engrossing at each step and does nothing but brings us together in this hectic individually spent life.

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