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Winding between the vine covered slopes, the Moselle is the narrow river than its neighbor, the Rhine. It is having more intimate charm as well. When this river is flowing through the German section, here it rises to the France, then move its path to the Luxembourg, then flows 195 kms from the region of TRIER to the Koblenz in a slow winding course, this entire region is very beautiful, surrounded by beautiful sceneries at each of the bends. The entire landscape is brightly colored, having the half-timbered medieval villages, large elegant villas, castles and the wine warehouses. Exploring the wineries that are located in the Moselle Valley is the perfect way to know the German culture, get to taste some of the best taste wines and interact with the locals.

There are wonderful walking foot trails that allow the tourists to explore the banks of the Moselle River and hillsides. Here you will see the steepest vineyard, just located to the north of the Bremm, in the 65 degree gradient slope. The summer months starts from the July to August and the Autumn month is September to October months are the highest peak season in the Moselle. Almost all the Moselle towns have the camping ground, mostly right to the cooled river banks. From the month of November to the Ester, the majority of the towns in the valley are quite and some of the hotels. There are various accommodations in this place.

Here are some of the top destinations of this river valley-

  1. Trier- the city that is influence by the ROMAN-

There are various ancient settlements in Trier as the Romans lived here for more than 2000 years ago. In fact, the archeological evidences show that this wonderful location is being from 16000 years. It is located in the heart of the Moselle Valley. This place is having lots of attractive sites that are worth visiting. Among all, the most famous is the Porta Nigra. Another must-visited Roman site is the Aula Palatina.

  1. The Koblenz- here the moselle meets the Rhine

Koblenz is located in the place where the River Moselle joins the River Rhine. It is one of the most beautiful places of this area. This is the base where the tourists can start exploring the best places to of Moselle Valley. The tourists can explore the meandering river through the boat rides and the cow boat rides. One of the most attractive sites is the German Corner and the Deutsches Eck, it is the point where the River Moselle and River Rhine separates.

  1. The Reichsburg Cochem-

It is the one of the best places in the Moselle River valley. Cochem is having an old castle that is present at the high altitude. It is one of the most wonderful valleys in this place. Walking tour is very famous here. You can spend some of the time at the old marketplace. Here, you can see a old Town Hall that is built in the year of 1739.

These are some of the best places of the Moselle Valley. Explore the best places with the best tour guides.


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