Enjoy your holidays in the Mediterranean Sea Discover the prettiest islands in Italy

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If the Mediterranean Sea is considered one of the most interesting regions on the planet, where are some of the most important historical testimonies of many civilizations that have passed here for millennia, even more, are Islands of Italy, a Natural center of what the ancient Romans called “Mare Nostrum”.

This fabulous European country is like a giant aircraft carrier, surrounded by beautiful islands, where a beach vacation can become a fabulous journey through history, art and wonderful natural areas. On this post you can discover the pretties islands in Italy, check them out right now.


Part of the Pelagian Islands, Lampedusa is the largest island, along with the Straits of Sicily. Lampedusa is closer to African than to Sicily and is reachable either by plane or boat.

The best beaches are along the south coast of the island: The most beautiful is the “Spiaggia dei Consiglio”, declared one of the 10 best Beaches of the world. Certainly, Lampedusa is a fabulous place for booking your Beach Hotel.


Island of Pantelleria of volcanic origin and considered potentially active since its last eruption was in 1891. Due to its origin, the territory is rich in thermal manifestations making this island not only a destination of sun and beach, also the perfect spot for a well-being retreat.

Among the points of greatest interest are Cala Arco Elephant, the Mirror Lake and Montagna Grande.


Just in front of Trapani, we find the Aegadian Archipelago. From its Islands stands the beautiful Favignana. For all those who are seeking quiet places to soak up the sun, the perfect spot is Levanzo.

This magnificent island is rich in prehistoric remains, as revealed by the paintings of the Genovese cave, a sign that its beaches were appreciated already since antiquity. The best ones are Cala Fredda, Cala Minnola, and Cala Tramontana.


To the north of Sicily, there are other islands, Ustica and the beautiful Aeolian Islands. This last archipelago is very frequented during the summer, but if you want to avoid the crowded beaches you can choose the western areas.

The best option is to rent a boat and explore beautiful places like the Bue Marino Cave and Punta Zotta. Or take long baths on the two pebble beaches of Pecorini and Le Punte, or go hiking to the Monte Fossa Delle Felci.

Isla de San Nicolás

San Nicolás is famous thanks to its imposing fortified abbey of Santa Maria in the sea, which dominates the landscape. Furthermore, don’t miss the chance to explore the remains of a Necropolis. San Nicolás has an inaccessible coastline and does not offer many opportunities to reach the sea unless you rent a boat. By renting a boat, you can also discover the nearby island of Capraia.


The beautiful Island of Ponza welcomes you with a show of colorful houses arranged in amphitheater around the harbor. Ponza is also a very popular destination for divers, thanks to the site called “Le Formiche,” one of the most popular diving site in the Tyrrhenian Sea.


Last but not least, let’s finish this post with one of the most beautiful islands of the Tuscan archipelago: The island of Giglio, the protagonist of the infamous accident of the cruise of Costa Concorida. Giglio can satisfy all the needs of a tourist offering stunning beaches.

Furthermore, Giglio has mountainous areas with trails perfect for hiking or climbing. Also, on Giglio, you must visit the walled town of Giglio Castello. Afterward, you can relax and soak up the sun on its beautiful beaches like Campese, Cala delle Cannelle and Cala Arenella.

Here our selection with the best prettiest islands in Italy, Have you ever been to any of these islands? If so, which one you like the most? Tell us what you think about this selection.

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