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4 Places You Have to Visit in Komodo Island

Komodo Island is one of the most visited places in Indonesia. It’s a great vacation destination, owing to the large number of attractive features it has to offer.

For most people, however, the Komodo National park is the real deal. It’s home to the infamous Komodo dragons, and its subaquatic world is a remarkable sight.

However, Komodo has so much to offer, other than the park. Thanks to the several neighbouring islands, Komodo gets access to so many diving points, sunset viewpoints, and other unique features.

This means that Komodo Island is the one place you want to be for your holiday.

During your visit, there some amazing places you can’t afford to miss. Otherwise, you might as well cancel your trip.

These places include:

  • The pink beach

Yes. Such a place actually exists. Pink beach, like the name suggests, has its sand with a pink-hue color. It’s one of the most spectacular places to see while on a Komodo island cruise.

And this is just where the wonder begins.

The beach is an amazing spot for photography, especially during the evening sunset. It’s also a very romantic spot for lovers and honeymooners.

The beach also makes for a perfect spot for snorkelling and divers as the waters here are clear and relatively deep, great for beginners.

If you are lucky enough, you can even spot a Komodo dragon or two, strolling around this beach from time to time.

  • Manta Spot

Manta rays are one of the little-known sea-animals you can find on Komodo Island. These large, gentle creatures appear in Indonesia between November and May, and they are fantastic to watch.

There’s a diving point Between Komodo Island and Rinca island where you get the opportunities to swim with these creatures. Amazing right?

It’s, therefore, an adventure you can’t afford to miss. Get to watch these extraordinary creatures perform their ‘dance-like’ movements as you explore the wonders of the underwater world.

These animals are very friendly and don’t pose any danger to you. When the Mantas are confident that you’re not hostile, they even start circling above you.

It’s an exhilarating feeling, but you’ll love it.

  • Padar Island

A part of most Komodo cruise packages is a visit to this unique Island. Unlike the rest, Padar island is more rugged, and the terrain is a bit rough.

However, once you’re done with the hiking, you’ll be more than grateful that you did. The view you get of the entire Island is nothing short of spectacular.

The Island overlooks four beaches, including the Pink beach, which from this point, will take your breath away. The view of the sunset from this point is also one of the things you’ll never forget.

So, even though there’s some hiking involved, Padar Island is totally worth it!

  • Kanawa Island

If you’re out to look for some amazing underwater activities, then Kanawa Island is the place to be. This small island offers one of the best snorkeling and diving points in Indonesia.

The island has thousands of underwater sceneries for anyone willing to dive. From the corals to the manta rays to the sunfish, turtles, and even the whale sharks!

That’s right. Whale sharks!

You can even get some starfish without even getting into the water. You’ll find them lying on the beach.

But that’s not all you get from this Island. You also get to witness a breathtaking sunset from a gazebo pitched at the top of one of the hills.

The gazebos are designed for two people, and so makes the perfect spot for you and your special someone. Visitors love this island the moment they step on it. It’s a touch of heaven.

Final thoughts

Komodo Island has so many spots for you to explore during your Komodo cruise. Whether you’re on a liveaboard or the daily trips, the one sure thing is that you can’t get bored on the island.

However, regardless of the places you visit, the above spots should always be on your itinerary.

Visit them, and you’ll experience the time of your life.

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How to have amazing sailing experience in Spain

Spain is famous for many reasons around the globe and so is for its amazing natural beauty and sailing opportunities. Spain is the country of southwestern Europe and is surrounded by several small islands. The mainland of south and east is by the Mediterranean Sea and northwest is by the Atlantic Ocean. Spain is the fourth largest country in Europe continent by area and the largest in southern Europe. Spain is the fifth most populated country in the European Union. Madrid is the capital of Spain and the largest city.

Sailing in Spain

Spain has a pleasant climate and amazing natural beauties which makes it an attractive travel destination among tourists. But sailing in Spain is the best experience you will have while visiting the country. Spain warmly welcomes the sailors from all around the globe, and who wants to find the diverse history of the country. Spain is enriched with cultural heritage, and most importantly with wonderful beaches. The famous coastline of Costa Blanca, the heavenly shores of Balearic and Canary Islands, you will find everything you want to enjoy. You will find many charter agencies and companies where you can find different kinds of yachts along with the luxurious ones too.

Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca is one of the popular destinations in Spain, it is where you will find the long stretched of pristine beaches. You can also visit those lively fishing villages and their legendary nightlife will blow your mind. You can enjoy there your leisure cruise and enjoy some great sightseeing.

Many people often anchor near the crystal beach and spend night and day seeing the beauty of nature. Unless you do it for yourself, you will never realize why it is so popular by the tourist. And the best thing about such a sailing trip is the cost. You don’t have to spend huge money as companies like Intersail Club is offering lucrative packages to the tourist.

Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands are the good news for party lovers, you can have some great parties there. This is the island where you can have some great parties day and night, and explore some beautiful Mediterranean islands including Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca, and Formentera along with hundreds of smaller islands. After having some day-night party, you can go to those smaller islands to rest and have some relaxation. In a word, it’s more like heaven for the tourist.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are the piece of paradise of Spain and a great escape place to the winter blues. You will have the opportunity to sail on those beautiful waters all year long. This is the place of the seven largest islands, which is perfect for making a great sailing trip. Sailing through these islands will give you the opportunity 0f explore diverse cultures of those places. You will find some fine foods here too, along with some incredible landscape views.

Art and Culture

Spain is a place of diverse culture and an amazing history. You will find here some world-famous festivals like La Tomatina, which is the biggest food fight in the world. You are going to feel enchanted by its spectacular palace and fortress of Alhambra. Spain is famous for its rich traditions and art, it will give you the chance to see and explore in some ancient places and ruins.

There are some beautiful gardens and alluring palaces which will make your trip much more worthwhile. Sailing in Spain will give you the best and dreamy experience to visit some of the well-known and some hidden places you can imagine being on.

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How to Plan and Book an Airport Transfer

Many people tend to panic before they have to catch a flight. If you have booked the seats and just need to plan a trip to the airport, you should consider booking an airport transfer. A number of local companies now offer airport transfers throughout Basingstoke, so you can easily make a booking well in advance. There are a number of advantages that you get for booking an airport transfer, such as:

  • Professionally trained drivers
  • Knowledge of different routes
  • Peace of mind

If you want to book airport transfers in Basingstoke, here are a few tips that will help you out.

Check Online

You can search online for local companies in the area that offer airport transfers. Many of these now offer online booking to their clients, so you can easily set the pick and drop timings, and select the kind of vehicle you want to travel in. At the end, you will get an estimate for the fare, thus allowing you to choose depending on your budget. The reason why it’s best to book an airport transfer is because these experts know how to get you to the airport on time. You don’t need to worry about a traffic jam or anything, they will take you to your destination on time.

Book Early

If you want to avoid any last minute surprises, you should confirm your booking early on. The company will confirm your booking and may request a small fee for booking as well, so make sure you confirm it early.

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Dubai Desert Safari: Deals of a lifetime

Whether you are visiting Dubai with family or friends, the desert safari is one attraction you don’t want to miss out on. There are three different timings for desert safari in Dubai, namely: morning tour, evening tour, and an overnight desert safari tour. For the ultimate experience, we recommend that you choose the evening desert safari tour.The evening desert safari tour typically starts from 14:00 to 20:00 local time. There are various packages and deals that you can choose from, depending on the number of people with you (you can also book a solo package). The prices also depend on your choice to travel by bus or by a 4×4 to the desert safari location. The tour company will provide you with pick and drop service from your area of residence whether it is in Dubai, Sharjah or Ras Al Khaimah to ensure that you have the most comfortable and hassle-free experience.The tour starts at the outskirts of Dubai city in the middle of the desert, where you can experience a range of engaging and fun-filled activities like:

  • Dune-bashing: Brace yourself to experience an exciting jeep ride over the beautiful red dunes of Dubai. This experience is a must for thrill-seekers as it will excite you as the jeep ride will make you feel as if you are floating on water instead of sand. You can also drive quad bikes over the dunes and get camel and horse rides as well.
  • The Sunset experience: As the sun sets over the red dunes, you will feel a sense of wonder and peace while truly experiencing the charm of Dubai. It would also be a great chance to take stunning photos of yourself and your friends/family with the elegant sunset in the background.
  • Traditional Performances: After the first few activities, you’ll be driven to a Bedouin-themed tent, equipped with separate washrooms for men and women, an Arabian themed décor, and a comfortable sitting area. While seated there, you’d get to witness eye-opening performances like belly-dancing, Tanura dance shows, and fire shows from highly-skilled performers. We promise this would be a totally wondrous and unforgettable experience.
  • Delicious Traditional Cuisine: Finally, before heading back, you’d be treated to an array of mouth-watering traditional Arabian dishes like roast lamb, Biryani rice and kebabs.

While experiencing the desert safari in Dubai is a must, your trip would not be complete if you don’t experience the enchanting Dhow cruise. Luckily, AHA tourism provides you with a combo package of a desert safari as well as a Dhow Cruise for as little as 99 AED. The Dhow cruise is an ancient Arabian traditional-styled boat with all the modern facilities like air-conditioning, a relaxing environment, a continental buffet dinner and much more.The cruise will last roughly around 2 hours and is a must if you want to experience the culture of Dubai in a short span in a VIPenvironment. The cruise will sail in the Dubai Marina, and during the cruise, you will get a chance to see amazing views and local attractions such as the Gold Souk (an old and world-famous gold trading center), the Rolex Twin Towers, as well as the Burj al Arab, among several other beautiful sites.So, if you are interested in a trip to Dubai and want to experience the local culture and also enjoy a bit of adventure in a short span of time, the Desert Safari Dubai plus the Dhow Cruise Creek deal is perfect for you. Be sure to bring your sunglasses, sunscreen, spare shoes/sandals, and most importantly, a camera to capture the experience of a lifetime.

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How To Get Around In Thailand

Thailand’s travel routes are vast and extensive. You require the most efficient mode of transport to get around Thailand. Getting around is efficient and inexpensive. The transport system in Thailand is speedy. The transport infrastructure is well-developed thanks to the high volume of travellers in the country.

However, transportation options aren’t equal. Some come with more expenses while others involve more hassle. You need to consider the transport option that is most convenient for you to conveniently move around in Thailand.

You can get around the country using buses. Inter-town buses are one of the most convenient ways to use to travel throughout Thailand. The bus network is reliable and prolific. Baw Khaw Saw (BKS) travels all over Thailand travel routes linking every city and town.

The government of Thailand controls the BKS. You can choose to ride on either ordinary or air-con buses. Comfort, speed, and cost vary depending on the type of bus you choose to use. Minivans are also available for you to use to get to various destinations. They are mostly privately owned.

You can also get around Thailand through the train system. The four corners of Thailand are connected by the train network. This is a great alternative to buses. You can take a train for the long journey from Chiang Mai to the north or from Surat Thani to the south.

The train also comes in handy if you are travelling short trips. You can use it when travelling from Bangkok to Lopburi and Ayuthaya. The train can help you beat traffic. You may need to book a train in advance for you to get the class you prefer. Trains tend to fill up quickly.

Trains come in all assortments. There are both modern and old trains in Thailand. Cross your fingers for you not to end up in an ageing squeaky train. On the flip side, the freedom to sit and relax comfortably as well as enjoy the scenery of Thailand’s travelling routes make trains worth every dime.

Major islands and the mainland are connected by ferries. You simply buy a ticket and board a ferry. There are high safety standards maintained on these ferries. Boats, on the other hand, may at times be in poor condition or overloaded.

The price of ferry tickets in tourist areas is usually low. This is because of the many ferries plying the waters in such areas. Speedboats and jetfoils are also used to get to popular touristed islands.

The classic Thai vehicle has to be the tuk-tuk. You can use a tuk-tuk to move around Thailand’s travel routes. This three-wheeled vehicle is ideal for short distances. You can enjoy a unique experience by riding in a tuk-tuk. For areas such as Mai and Chiang, you may have to use this mode of transport to get around.

There are various means of transport that you can use in Thailand. Some of these means can take you to remote destinations in Thailand. Others offer comfort for a higher price. You should consider these options when you want to get around Thailand.

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The Must-See In Indonesia

The Asian continent is one charming place full of remarkable tourist attractions. And the Indonesian country has the best share of these attractions. It is known for its sandy beaches, active volcanoes, dynamic wildlife of elephants, tigers, monkeys, and orangutans, and most excitingly, it is home to hundreds of different ethnic groups. In this article, we shall dive into the sites that you must pay a visit to when you visit the country.

  • Tanah Lot

The Tanah Lot is a massive rock formation off the Indonesian town of Bali. If you appreciate the beauty of the ocean vista, the tides, and the beautiful sunset, then this is the place for you. Additionally, at the top of the rock, majestically stands the Tanah Lot temple. So if you are a lover of ancient architecture and a sucker for serene sights, then you have to visit the Tanah Lot Temple.

  • The Ubud Monkey Forest

The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is yet another spot you must-see on your visit to Indonesia. This Sanctuary is home to very many species of monkeys that freely roam the temple. The scenery has ancient giant trees with prolific root growths that spiral around bridges, colossal stone carvings of Komodo dragons, and amazing-looking water pools. A visit to the temple with your children will be a memorable trip to recall. And most excitingly, your kids can interact and play with the monkeys. Amazing, right!

  • Gili Islands

So after you have made a trip to the Sanctuary, you should take a trip down to the beach to let loose and enjoy the fresh beach breeze. The Gili islands are made of three islands that have coral reefs just offshore to the palm-filled stunning beach fronts. On your visit here, you will get to see sea turtles in hundreds as they go about their business on the shores of Gili Meno, which is the smallest of the three islands. And on Gili Trawangan, the largest, you can visit wrecks of a sunken ship at Wreck point near Mengiti beach.

  • Mount Batur

While in Indonesia, be sure to climb the Mount Batur to oversee the volcano that lies at the top of your climb. Once at the top, you are graced by the spectacle of two concentric calderas that boarder the volcano on both sides. A climb excursion at this mountain is an adventure worthwhile, and the best thing is that it is very affordable. Especially when you choose Holiday deals from sites such as the DealChecker that accommodate both solo and group travelers.

  • Legian

On the west coast area of Bali, Indonesia, you are presented with a suburban and beach neighborhood of Legian. This area is famously known for its several exquisite beach resorts, some shopping centers, and a bustling nightlife. If you are someone who enjoys staying in one area that has everything you need at arm’s length, Legian is the place for you. A full day, week, or even a month here is truly an experience of a lifetime.

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Visa Requirements For Thailand

If you are here at the moment, chances are that you are thinking about traveling to Thailand just like millions of other people out there but you just don’t know where to start from. If that’s the case and if that’s why you are here then know that we’ve got your back today. Today we are going to explain all the main details to you that are necessary for your visa for Thailand.

Visa processes are always a hassle if people aren’t guided properly and same is the case with visa requirements for Thailand so the wiser thing to do is to use sites like iavisa to gather all the necessary information.

Here’s some basic info that we have for you today for visa requirements for Thailand;

Do You Need Visas To Enter Thailand?

According to their policy, there are a total of 64 countries in the world whose citizens are exempted for visa. These people can stay in Thailand for total 30 days whether they are entering the premises of Thailand through land or by air. But even with the exemption rule, there’s a certain eligibility criteria that one has to pass to enter Thailand without a visa.

First of all, the purpose of your visit should only be tourism and secondly, you need to bring a return ticket with you that shows that you are leaving Thailand within 30 days. Open tickets don’t work in this case and you need to show proper proof that yes, you will leave on time.

How Much Is Thailand Visa On Arrival?

There are only a few countries that are allowed visa on arrival in Thailand and if you belong to any one of those countries then you will get your visa in Thailand but within the next 15 days, you’ll have to return back to where you came from. Thailand Visa fees on Arrival 2019 – 2000 THB. You need to pay this fee in cash when you enter the premises of Thailand and you can only pay in the form of local currency.

How Much Is Visa For Thailand?

If you don’t belong to any one of those countries that are exempted for visa in Thailand then you need to pay a visa fee of US$ 30. The fee can change without any prior notice so its better to keep yourself updated about it.

How Much Money Do You Need To Enter Thailand?

To enter Thailand, you need to have minimum 10,000 Thai Baht in cash. However, the amount varies for different types of visa holders.

  • If you are a transit visa holder, you need to show proof of THB 10,000 per passenger or THB 20,000 per family.
  • For visa on arrival, you need to show proof of THB 10,000 per passenger or THB 20,000 per family.
  • If you are a non-immigrant visa holder then the proof you need to show is of THB 20,000 per passenger or THB 40,000 per family.
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7 Best Places in India to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just around the corner, as are winter holidays. This is the best time to plan a vacation that you have been thinking about taking for quite some time. It is time to delight in the celebrations and welcome the year with joy. Here are some places in India to celebrate your new year with joy and joy:


Famous for coffee and spice plantations, Coorg is famous for its stable climate throughout the year. A popular getaway for the inhabitants of Bangalore, its lush vegetation and fresh air will make you drop your jaw. A fantastic place for hiking and bird watching, it is certainly the best place to celebrate the new year in India. Coorg is a place where rejuvenation is guaranteed.

The Last Resort is surrounded by spice plantations, so it should be your first choice when staying at a place like Coorg. The rooms are neat and well maintained. And the best part is the calm and serenity in the surroundings.


The ‘Queen of the hills’ is everyone’s favorite destination around the new year. And why not? The charm of this ancient colonial city is in full swing in winters. The imposing mountains covered with white and pristine snow are a visual gift for your senses and make it the best place to celebrate the new year.

Sunbathe at Lord Gardens Glory, which lies between the high mountains. You can have a 360 degree view of nature that Shimla imposes. Away from all the hustle and bustle, this is the best place for couples to escape.


Spend your new year in the golden city of Rajasthan, in the middle of the sand dunes of the Thar desert. Nowhere better evokes the rustic charm and mystery of the desert. Jaisalmer is best known for its golden honey palace, the magnificent Havelis hidden in the narrow street and the shops wrapped in bright embroidery.

If you want to enjoy a relaxed and trouble-free new year, book your room at the Paradise Hotel inside the fort and inhabit the worn walls of the 400-year-old royal compound. The place offers a unique experience of vintage atmosphere.


The sea of ​​tranquility that is this French colony, Puducherry is a perfect destination for a relaxing and relaxed New Year. Delight yourself with French food, cobbled streets and its lively beaches. This bohemian city with a touch of serenity is a perfect place to start your new year.

Enjoy your stay at Beach Bubbles, which gives you a feeling of the beach and its liveliness from the hotel. From the lounge to the sauna and from the gym to the spa, this hotel is well equipped with amenities. With a view of the city lights, the hotel offers comfort and hospitality with the best rice.


With mountains beckoning from all sides, this hippie city in the hills is a favorite place for people to hang. Whether backpackers or newlyweds, Manali is a magnet throughout the year and, therefore, the best destination for a year-end party. Whether trekking, rafting, paragliding or skiing, you can have endless adventures in the green valleys of the Beas River.

Get comfortable in the heavenly abode of Wood Valley Cottage. The place offers the amazing views of gigantic mountains. The rooms have wooden furniture that give the feeling of a mountain house. Enjoy graffiti on the streets of old Manali.


Spend your New Year’s Eve on the bustling streets of the ‘Snooty Ooty’ or in the quieter and greener areas that resemble the English rural routes. One of the places with more atmosphere to stay, Ooty is a mixture of the Indian bustle and charm of the British era.

The Pebrock Heritage Inn is set amidst green vegetation and offers stunning views of Nilgiris. If you are looking for a place far from trouble, this budget hotel offers a quiet and welcoming stay to its guests.


Known as the Venice of India, start your new celebration in this magical marble mosaic and an elite destination to spend your new year. With Aravalli spreading in all directions and the many fascinating lakes, Udaipur is the “most romantic place” on the entire continent.

Go back a little from the hustle and enjoy a relaxing stay at Little garden Guest House. Classic vintage rooms ensure a cozy stay at affordable prices. It is known as one of the best places in Udaipur to stay.

If you are planning to explore India, you can also choose the Palace on Wheels train which is the most offers five-star opulent services onboard the train.

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Our Guide To Gaining Portuguese Residency

Numbers of people from the European Union and even from other corners of the world wish to gain Portugal residency. Of course, you get benefited in innumerable ways by gaining residency in Portugal. You may think of moving to Portugal to study, work, get married or even for any other reasons. Before you move to this place, you surely need to find a Portugal residency program today that is best suited for you and start planning accordingly. There are certain visas that can be attained to visit this place on a short term basis. However, you surely need to gain temporary or permanent residency at this place if you are planning to stay in Portugal on a long term basis. Here is our brief guide to gaining Portuguese residency.

Who is eligible?

All EU, EEA and Swiss citizens, as well as the citizens of Schengen Area, can also freely move to and reside in Portugal just by showing identification documents. In the same way, citizens from some non-EU countries including the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand may also reside there for 90 days within a period of six months without the need for Portugal residency visa. On the other hand, citizens from non-EU and EFTA may attain Portugal residency if they are desirous of residing there for more than three months.

How can you get Portuguese residency?

There are numbers of programs available around that may be chosen as per your unique requirements. You need to find a Portugal residency program today that is best suited for your needs.

On what basis can you gain residency?

People who are desirous of working in Portugal or are self-employed, those who wish to study or even are retired may gain Portugal residency. They just need to fulfil the requisite documental and other general formalities for the targeted purpose.

What are the requirements?

The requirements for the attainment of Portugal residency in the form of visa depend upon the specific purpose for which you wish to visit or reside there and also on the time period for which you wish to stay in the country. In some cases, entry visa or long-term residence permit for Portugal may be required. Of course, you need to fill in the relevant forms and submit the same with the concerned officials. Also, you may be required to make available some documents such as your photographs, passport, proof of civil status, proof of economic status and such other documents along with the application form.

How long is it valid?

The temporary residency permit is valid for one year following which it needs to be renewed as per requirements. Permanent residence can be attained following five years of temporary residency permit. Again it is to be renewed every five years.

With the help of this guide, you may move ahead to gain Portugal residency effortlessly.

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Where to chill when in Goa

Goa – the mere name conjures a happy picture of family and friends coming together, dances, beaches, delicious cuisine and the peaceful sunset. While Goa is all about relaxing and unwinding, we give you three epic ways to chill in Goa.

  • At the beach!

And that goes without saying. To hit the beach when in Goa is a must-do. There are shacks that offer you accommodations for the entire day and you unwind on the beach. You can also, read a book and indulge in some authentic Goan cuisine.

  • At the street side cafes:

Another great way to chill in Goa is the street side cafes that offer you great drinks, food and music. With a good company, these cafes can give you memories that will last a lifetime. The ambience of each of these cafes is lively and you have to liberty to mingle around with people. These cafes service delicious continental and Goan cuisines that are both palatable and satisfies the soul.

  • Five-star hotels:

A rising trend in Goa is the five-star hotels that have paved way for international cuisines and cultures to mix with the one that Goa offers. The 5-star hotels in Goa offer excellent atmosphere to for families to come together and for friends to reunite. These five-star hotels in Goa offer excellent services and facilities that are bound to make your stay a memorable one. They also organize and plan various activities tours for you on your request. The rooms these five-star hotels in Goais specifically designed to ensure that the guests have a comfortable stay while there.

Apart from this, Goa offers you a plethora of activities that are altered carefully for family, friends and couples. For the longest time, Goa has been a central attraction for destination weddings in India too. The five-star hotels in Goa also help to plan weddings and various celebrations for their guests.

Goa also has Jazz pubs which offer excellent ambience for all music lovers. Last, but, not the least, do not miss out on the sing-along sessions that take place near the shacks every evening.