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One of the Top Pilgrimage Sites of India- Shirdi

Sai Baba, a very famous saint lived in a village of Maharashtra, Shirdi, which is a little town formed in the Ahmednagar local of the state. Shirdi is one of the spiritual places in India and is a remarkably well known pilgrimage site. Devotees have such a strong belief and faith in Sai Baba and his powers, that even after 100 years since he left the world, they gather in large numbers to his bygone body. For the devotees of Sai baba, Shirdi offers an exhilarating experience. The common way to reach Shirdi is by a Mumbai to Shirdi taxi. For others, Shirdi could still be fascinating as it gives an insight into the life of a saint, who lived an ordinary life and had the power to drench the hearts of many.

Samadhi Mandir

Samadhi Mandir, is built in white marble and is the place where Sai Baba was laid to rest. This place draws the worshippers in great numbers. The Mandir primitively belongs to a multi millionaire named Shreemant Gopalrao who himself was a keen admirer and worshiper of Sai Baba. There is a showroom that consists of the articles used by Sai Baba. This place is easily accessible by a Mumbai to Shirdi taxi as this place is just at a distance of 273 kms from Mumbai. Initially, the Samadhi was a wada, which means “a huge private house” for Baba along with the temple.

Shri Saibaba Sansthan Temple

The temple is located in the center of Shirdi. This temple appeals to many people from different parts of the world. Accommodations are also provided to the pilgrims, after reaching Shirdi you need to contact the Niwassthan office for registration for your accommodation. You can have a convenient and pleasurable darshan of Sai Baba.

Dwarkamai Masjid

Dwarkamai Masjid was Sai Baba’s residence for over 60 years. When he was here he lit a divine fire, which still burns and when he was here he blessed his devotees and gave them blessings. The wooden bowl in which Baba used to receive the offerings from his devotees is still preserved here and also there is an oil painting of Baba which is wondrous!


Chavadi is a place which is closely related to Baba and he used to sleep here every second day in the last ten years of his life. Once Baba was moved here from his Masjid by his devotees when it started leaking, and since then Baba used to come here at night to sleep here. Now this place is protected as an altar of Sai Baba. Books were also stored here and pilgrims were accommodated here many times.

Dixit Wada Museum

In this place you will find different pictures of Sai Baba and it is situated in the Sansthan Trust complex. These black and white pictures of Sai Baba with all his devotees take you back to the ancient days of Baba when he was present here. The museum also has many articles Baba used which includes utensils, bathing stone and a long robe. You can take a Shirdi travel guide to have an insightful journey so that you can make the most of you Shirdi trip.

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5 Essential Items to Have On a River Trip

It’s an exciting day when you have the conformation on the Colorado rafting trip to the Grand Canyon that you have planned for a few years. The big day is finally in sight, and you want to be sure you are ready and have everything you need. Experienced rafters believe there are five essential items that are necessary for everyone to bring in their pack. If you have all five, you’ll be in pretty good shape for your rafting adventure.

Head Lamp

According to Oars Blog, you’ll enjoy freedom when you adapt to using a head lamp instead of a hand-held flashlight. They come in a variety of styles and prices. LED versions are very bright and are long-lasting. You can purchase headlamps that offer a red light option, which reduces the risk of annoying bugs nipping at you at night. Once you switch over to a head lamp, you might forget all about the extra hand-held you slipped into your bag just in case you didn’t adapt to the old miner tradition of wearing a headlamp. It’s always best to have both hands free in case of an emergency.

Rain Jacket

You will definitely need a light weight rain jacket to keep in your dry bag. No matter what time of year it is, a rain jacket is necessary. Rainy days on the river do happen, and you don’t want to be wet and cold. There are several styles of rain jackets that are suitable for whitewater rafting. Many rafters prefer hooded jackets.

Long Underwear

Rainy days and cold camp evenings call for layers and long underwear. Keeping warm is very important when you are rafting. You get wet a lot, and it’s important to carry fast drying clothing. The warmest long underwear is made from merino wool or polyester. Silk underwear is comfortable, but not as warm.

Light Weight Jacket

Layer clothes is important when you are rafting. A light weight jacket with some insulation is a perfect river companion. Choose a synthetic insulation over down because of the damp conditions. Keep it in your dry bag. You’ll find the need to use it often.

Zip Lock Baggies

According to Colorado River Discovery, don’t scrimp on the quality and get cheap baggies. You want the very best as you will need them to keep a lot of things dry, including matches, socks, and underwear. They will also carry your toothbrush and other personal items. Get gallon size bags to accommodate larger items. Bring plenty.

Every rafter makes their own list of important items to bring along. If you have these five, you’ll be in pretty good shape.

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Your Australian Adventure Awaits You

One thing tourists often fail to take into account when travelling through Australia is the sheer enormity of the distances between its cities. For example, it’s fourteen hours’ drive from Sydney to Brisbane, and twelve from Melbourne to Sydney. That’s just between the three capital cities of Australia’s Pacific coast – trying to travel from one side of the continent to the other is a trip that must be divided across several days. The benefit of traversing these vast, daunting distances is that you get to experience farmland, wilderness, and territory that most people ignore. For those who crave an authentic, memorable Australian travel experience, tackling one of the paths less travelled promises to provide exactly that.

Melbourne to Adelaide

Melbourne and Adelaide, the capital cities of Victoria and South Australia, respectively, are prime tourist destinations. Both have sparkling, gorgeous beaches and thriving nightlife. Their surrounding regions are lush with wineries, farmland, and the beating heart of Australia’s mighty agricultural industry. Between Adelaide and Melbourne, you’re likely to find dense forests, scrubby bushland, countless beautiful coastal towns, and the breathtaking Grampians, Victoria’s rugged mountain range. If you’re looking to get the most out of your experience in Australia, Melbourne to Adelaide backpacker tours take all this in and more over the course of several days, allowing you to experience Australia’s unique wildlife and ecosystems for yourself, forging memories that will last a lifetime.

backpacker tours

What Is There to Do Between Melbourne and Adelaide?

For city-dwelling people who’ve never left a metropolitan area, spending a few days many hours’ drive from the nearest capital city might present a challenge. However, it’s precisely this relative isolation – coupled with the expertise and gentle guidance of an experienced tour guide – that makes the Australian wilderness so special. Few countries in the world still have massive swathes of bush, forest, or mountain ranges unoccupied by urban sprawl. Immersing yourself in the Australian wilderness is a very real possibility if you embark on the right backpacker tour. To really maximise your experience, you want to leave the city as early as possible. Generally, that means being picked up for the tour between six and seven in the morning from Adelaide, for example, and heading out into the Grampians National Park. Australian wildlife, apart from the various reptiles for which the continent is famous, tends to emerge around sunset, so on your first night in a national park you stand a real chance of meeting kangaroos, wallabies, and cockatoos at dusk.

Where you go next is up to you. If you’re taking the Adelaide to Melbourne route (or vice versa) your best bet is probably the Great Ocean Road, sections of which carve their way through Australia’s natural cliffs and rock formations. Enjoying your stay in Australia is a matter of leaving the cities behind and seeing as much of this continent as possible. While Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth all offer their own attractions, you can experience the real Australia by hopping into a vehicle with a backpack on your back and leaving the bright lights of the city behind you.

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Come Park With Us

If you’re going to be traveling soon, you may want to consider using the Adelaide airport parking services. The services offered there will make your airport experience, as well as your overall trip, even more stress-free and enjoyable.

Your Adelaide airport parking experience begins the moment you arrive. Since this parking facility can accommodate up to 600 cars, there’s no need to worry about finding a parking space. In addition, you have your choice of undercover or outdoor parking. But not to worry–the 24-hour security team will ensure that your car remains safe while parked.

Just because you’ve parked away from the airport doesn’t mean that you face a long, tiring walk. The shuttle service always has three shuttles that are continuously running, which means there will always be a ride available for you from the parking area to the airport. Upon your return, one of the shuttles will also deliver you to your vehicle without the added frustration of walking through a sea of cars trying to find it. The drivers are always in uniform, professional, courteous, and there to serve you in any way they can.

As an added perk, you can choose to have your car washed, detailed, and even repaired while you’re away on your business trip or much-deserved vacation. Some of the cleaning options include a simple outside cleaning, a detailed inside cleaning, a custom outside polish job with Maguire’s products, and a full inside steam-cleaning of your car’s interior with stain removal. Prices for these services range from $27 for a sedan to $29 for a 4-wheel drive for the basic outside and inside cleaning services, and up to $119 for the steam cleaning and stain removal service. Detailed cleaning services are also available, which includes a full outside clean with polish, a full inside clean, and a deluxe detailing service which includes an outside and inside clean, plus steam cleaning and stain removal. Prices for these services range from $49 to $199, depending upon which package you choose and your car type (sedan or 4-wheel drive).

airport Parking

While on your trip, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether your car will safely get you back home. If you’ve been having minor car issues or simply need an oil change, the service and repair options offered can take care of that. The service and repairs offered include basic oil and oil filter change, engine belt change, a full, 50-point car inspection and road test, as well as a brake inspection, adjustment, and full report for you to view upon your return. Some of the repairs offered include engine, radiator, panel beating, and windscreens. All prices for servicing and repairs are based upon your car’s make and model, as well as the initial inspection report that is prepared by the supplier.

Parking rates are based upon whether you choose undercover or outside parking, as well as how long your car is parked. Rates start at $19 for outdoor parking for one day and $25 for undercover parking for one day. For parking that will be longer than 14 days, extra fees apply.

If you’re a frequent traveler, you can take advantage of our membership options to save you a bit of money. Some of our free membership benefits include: For every 4 parking stays, you receive a free outside wash voucher that’s good for 12 months. For every 8 parking stays, you receive a $50 voucher which can be applied towards parking, cleaning, or repair services. In addition, being a member means you’ll receive email discounts and seasonal offers, which will also save you a bit of money that can be put to use on your trip. To make things even easier for you, membership also offers the option of requesting a pickup through our website, which eliminates the need to call us in advance. Our corporate membership option, priced at only $25, you’ll receive such perks as the free outside wash vouchers, priority pickup, a 15% discount off your parking fees for the first six months of your membership, and even bigger discounts after so many parking stays with us. For only $45, we offer a corporate individual FBT (fringe benefits tax) deduction for any company vehicle parked on site. If you own or use a company vehicle and park it onsite, this membership allows you certain tax deductions, which also means more money in your pocket.

What better way to enjoy your vacation, knowing that you have saved on parking, at the same time, knowing that your vehicle is being properly cared for?

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Use Expert Travel Tips to Discover Transylvania’s Mysterious Charm

If you love to discover picturesque rural regions, preserving centuries-old, well-kept traditions, then you would definitely enjoy an adrenaline-filled holiday in Transylvania. The region, also known as Ardeal, the homeland of Dracula, is a paradise for tourists who are eager to explore dangerous mountain roads, beautiful, mysterious dark forests, old mansions, wooden churches and their remarkable stories, while getting to understand the daily trills maintained by a simple lifestyle, in permanent contact with Mother Nature’s everlasting wonders. Although you might consider yourself a bold explorer, you will definitely need a series of expert travel tips, offered by a real specialist, enabling you to make smart choices while avoiding various risks factors that could compromise the entire trip.

1) Discover the main tourist attractions

Transylvania is certainly the ideal destination for people driven by a strong sense of adventure, correlated with a genuine passion for old traditions and a simple, yet fulfilling rural existence. Be prepared to sacrifice a few hours of sleep, in order to be able to contemplate all the natural and man-made beauties located in this region. Use Internet resources, maps and tourist guide books to identify some of the most popular tourist attractions, like King Carol I’s Peles Castle, the fascinating Brukenthal Museum and architectural masterpieces, like the Palace of Culture and the Bran Castle.

2) Enjoy tasty foods and local traditions

When you plan to enjoy a few days of peace and quiet in a region as special as Transylvania is, you can’t leave until you’ve tried all its famous recipes. If you love and appreciate old wine, make sure you don’t miss Crama Sibiul Vechi, a fascinating brick cellar from Sibiu, where every glass of wine has its own story. Use expert travel tips to identify the best local restaurants, serving tasty food and great drinks at unbeatable prices. Don’t forget to try the famous “tuica” (plum alcohol) while enjoying the roasted chicken with polenta and garlic sauce making your mouth water every single time.

3) Stay in perfect shape

Those calorie-dense foods can add a few inches to your waist. Make sure you visit Transylvania’s popular wellness centers, offering treatments that can make you look up to ten years younger. If you’re a real outdoor enthusiast, perhaps you want to burn those calories by engaging all your efforts in entertaining physical exercises. Transylvania’s amazing hiking and biking tracks will help you preserve your figure, while offering you a much-awaited shot of adrenaline.

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How to Abate Travel and Entertainment Expenses

Many people use public transport wherever they can because they love it. This mode of transport enables them to do whatever they want such as reading or sleeping. More importantly, it is faster and cheaper. However, it does not suit everyone and some people may not be able to use other modes of transport in their areas of residence because it is not practical for them to do so. However, if you can access this mode of transport, you can save a lot of money by following a few simple tips as follows:


1) Use trains or buses instead of flying

As compared to flying, taking trains or buses is slower but it can help you to save a lot of money. More importantly, it allows you to see more of the destination where you are going for your holiday and its surrounding countryside. However, if you are going to the US for your holiday, then you have no choice but to fly. In this case, you should buy your tickets in bulk because this is more economical as compared to buying one ticket at a time. In addition, in order for you to reduce your travel expenses when you plan to fly to the US, you should ensure that you engage a cheaper ESTA application service.

2) Travel at off peak hours

As compared to peak travel, traveling during off peak hours is cheaper and hence, you should consider it if it is possible.

3) Buy tickets for your zone

Make sure that you incur expenses only for the zones that you use by buying tickets exclusively for these zones.

4) Take advantage of your employer discounts

Many government departments and private employers offer discounts on annual tickets for public transport. You should therefore check with the Human Resource department of your organization to see if discounts are available.

You can reduce your travel expenses by following the aforementioned tips. They have proven effective for many people and they can work for you as well. However, since entertainment is also an important part of your life, you should also follow a few simple tips in order to reduce the expenses that you incur when you entertain yourself.

1) You should borrow books from your local library when you are tempted to buy them online. The librarian in this library can borrow the books that you need from other libraries if it does not have them.

2) When it comes to DVDs, most libraries have a wide selection and they offer the service at no charge. Hence, you should borrow these DVDs from them instead of buying them.

3) A barbecue allows you to enjoy food and nature simultaneously. Hence, you should hold it instead of going to a restaurant to eat.

4) As compared to other entertainment events , which cost a lot of money and take a lot of time to organize, a potluck supper is very cheap because all it requires is a salad and for you to make a few phone calls. Hence, you should consider holding it.

The aforementioned Tips to abate travel and Entertainment Expenses are not only easy to follow but they also offer some benefits such as reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment. Hence, you should start following them immediately.

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10 Practical Travel Tips That Can Save You Money

If you have been planning to travel again anytime soon, you should definitely take note of these practical and valuable tips for saving money:

1. Use a Travel Agency

In using a travel agency, you get to ride on their bulk discounts. These are the benefits they get from booking many people at the same time. Besides, the hours you waste on planning the trip from scratch are better off utilized for other things that are more productive.

2. Read Travel ReviewsOpen Book

A lot of travelers tend to forego these reviews. You should definitely read on official travel reviews from well-known sources on the Internet and also in offline magazines. These will give you an idea about the places you can go to and the cheaper options you can avail in the different aspects of your travel.

3. Consider the “Long Cut”

If you’re going somewhere where you can opt to take the train or the bus for a longer but cheaper ride, go for it. Ask your travel agent about the rates and available schedules. This can give you some alone time and allow you to rest and get lost in your own thoughts, or perhaps even discover some treats or hidden beautiful places along the way. If you are with companions, take this time to just strengthen that bond with one another so that you can have more fun together when you get to your destination.

4. Try Street Foods

From time to time, you ought to try the street foods or food carts wherever you’re going. They must have their own versions of these. This is an adventurous, affordable take on traveling in a new place.

5. Get Packages

It’s always more practical to get packages such as when you’re traveling with a group or when you purchase tour packages that have freebies and discounts incorporated in them. You can definitely get such packages from a great travel agency.

6. Pack Light

Always try to pack light so that you’ll have room for souvenirs and a little shopping without getting charged for excess baggage.

7. Use Those Miles

If you are traveling by air, you really should use those frequent flyer miles already instead of keeping them for future use. You never know if you’ll actually get to use them later on for a bigger trip. Besides, these miles have expirations.

8. Try Backpacking

If you really want to save on some bucks and also try a more exciting itinerary and route as a traveler, you should definitely give backpacking a shot. A lot of people have done this and had great feedback. Discover more of the local flavor of a place by roughing it up and trying out more of the local stuff instead of tourist spots.

9. Go for Cool but Cheap

Research on cool but cheap dining places and attractions to go to. You may also ask family, friends, and your travel agency for recommendations. Some travel agents are quite knowledgeable about these.

10. Bring All Essentials

Lastly, make sure to bring all the essentials that are sufficient for the entire travel time. You don’t want to suddenly run out of deodorant and have to buy one in a place where all deodorants are expensive. You don’t want to forget your swimming attire and have to buy it at the beach where the shops sell only designer ones. It’s best to be sure than sorry and buried in credit card debt.

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Don’t Let Information Overload Ruin Your Travels

We are surrounded by information, so much information, in fact, that there is a term for it: information overload. Where we once had to rely on a very small pool of reliable sources, there are now so many that it can make us feel like we’re able to become experts about anything, be it computer programming or travel. This is true, but it’s also true that it takes a long time to learn enough to know what you don’t know. When it comes to travel, knowledge is power and travel agents know.

One of the pitfalls of information overload is that when a person is presented with too much information, like all that information available on the internet about your preferred destination, you can’t process all of it. As the excess information builds up, our ability to make good decisions actually decreases. Ever been confronted with a rack of choices at the supermarket and just froze, stared at all the possibilities and finally just grabbed the cheapest option so you could move on? That’s information overload at work and the same thing can happen when setting up your travel arrangements.

Say you go to one of the many websites that promises the best airfares or cruise fares or hotel room prices and enter your information. Then you get confronted with a list of options. You scroll down and find out that there are an additional ten pages of choices. Information overload. If you do what most people do, you sort the list by price and pick one of the choices right near the top. Maybe because it leaves at a time you like, or on a date you like or just because the price looks right.

Now think about your job. How often are you faced with a mass of information or set of problems and there is no information overload? Your knowledge lets you filter the relevant and irrelevant information to get what you need from that mass of information or set of problems, and your mind ignores the rest.

When it comes to things like booking travel arrangements, that’s what a travel agent does. They’ve developed the expertise, over time, to be able to filter the good information from the bad and the good deals from the bad. They take the power of all that knowledge and experience and apply it to your specific situation, pulling out the options that actually serve your ends, rather than picking the ones that cost the least or leave at the right time or have a view.

Information overload when it comes to travel is especially precarious because we leave behind our safety net when we go away. That web of relationships we rely on to keep on course is now 500 or 1000 or 3000 miles away. Making a travel decision based on escaping information overload can land you in a terrible hotel, after a horrible flight, and in the wrong part of town. If you want to let someone who sorts travel information professionally take a crack at handling your travel arrangement, the folks at 1720 S Bellaire St. Suite 308, Denver, CO 80222 would be happy to help.