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6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your RV Rental


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Recreational vehicles, or as they’re more commonly known, RVs, have something special about them. They’re the turtles of the camping world. You bring your house with you. Plus, they can accommodate even the most indoors-prone of people. RVs have everything you need. There’s storage for your food. You have a bed you don’t have to inflate or carry around with you. They allow you to take showers. RVs come in all shapes and sizes, and they make transitioning to camping easier for people who might have a preference for the indoors, or a disability that would prevent them from getting out the way they want to. Plus, if you’re trying to travel outdoors full-time but can’t see yourself living in a tent daily, an RV can make up for that. Here are six ways to get the most out of your RV rental.

  1. Make sure it has all of its problems taken care of beforehand

Nothing puts a damper on your traveling like a broken part of your RV. Whether it’s a broken fridge or the air conditioning is faulty, that can lead to disaster, especially if you have a party larger than two. When you rent your RV, make sure everything works out before you leave the RV rental place. Of course, issues can arise. When they do, find out where the nearest RV repair place is, and get that problem fixed before more damage occurs.

  1. Understand the function of all the extra bells and whistles

If you’re renting an RV for the first time, it feels kind of fancy. There might be some added features you’re unaware of, and its worth taking the time to figure out what’s what. Your RV might have some awning that’ll give you nice shade. Or if you’re going dry camping – that is, camping where no water, electricity and sewage exist – you’ll definitely want to find out what your RV storage comes with and what you need to supply yourself.

  1. Bring the extra necessities

Since you can’t guarantee that your RV will have everything you need, bring backup supplies in case of an emergency. You’re going to want to bring an extra couple of gallons of potable water, and some non-perishable food. Find out if your RV has a first aid kit. If it does, see what it’s missing and make a list of what you might need to bring along with you. Your trip will be much better that way.

  1. Find where the dumping stations are

Luckily, they don’t exist only in campgrounds. You can also find dump stations at gas stations, RV parks, highway rest stops, recreation vehicle dealerships, marinas, and other areas. Try to empty your sewage regularly – daily if you can. Find out the proper procedure for it, and be sure to clean up any spills that might – and will – occur.

  1. Use your generator sparingly

Generators are useful. After all, they’re what powers your RV and helps your camping experience get better and keeps your food cool and your shower running. However, many campgrounds require quiet hours from about 8 or 9 PM until 7 or 8 AM. Take care that your generator is louder than snoring and for the sake of other campers, turn off the generator, save the battery power, and bask in the sounds of the wilderness.

  1. Tidy up

This is for the sake of your rental, but also makes your camping even better. You might be a natural slob, but this isn’t the time to indulge in that habit. Pick up any trash that lies around your RV. Clean up the bathroom and clean up any spills. Have other campers who are with you help you clean up, since they’re sharing too. The cleanliness just makes the trip better.

Overall, your trip shouldn’t be a hassle. RV camping is fun. It’s great for small families because while one parent drives, the other parent can help out the kids. It’s fun for people in any life situation, and you can enjoy yourself all the way through, as long as you take care of your RV.

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Noida – The hub of sporting events for New Delhi

A major business centre, Noida is located in close proximity to New Delhi. You can take the metro from New Delhi and then take a cab in Noida to tour around the city. This article talks about everything Noida is known for and what you should do to have a good time in the city.

Before you get into any ideas, let me be clear, Noida is not a holiday destination. It is just a spot you can visit while on your trip to New Delhi. No one actually goes to Noida for a holiday. A major fact unknown to many is that ‘Noida’ is not the christened name of the city. NOIDA actually stands for (New Okhla Industrial Development Area), which makes it just an abbreviation of its actual name The planned city does not have much to offer to visitors and sightseers as it is more a commercial and business zone with offices as opposed to buildings with tourist attractions. Hire a cab in Noida and ride around the city to know more about it.

cab in Noida

Noida can easily be approached from New Delhi via taking the metro. The metro in Delhi is the cheapest and fastest means of transport you can expect to find. Packed with working professionals and college students day in and day out, you can reach Noida by just a change of metro trains after a brief ride of about half an hour, depending on your source of origin. There are a few sights to see around Noida and plays host to some landmark sporting events. The Noida half marathon and the Formula one race are the standouts among the few. Noida plays home to the Buddh International Circuit, which was one of the race tracks for the world acclaimed racing sport, ‘Formula 1’. It was inaugurated in 2011 and hosted the very first race that very year. Due to site maintenance and being unable to cope up with the tax demands of the Government the race course is currently suspended which is why the Buddh International circuit is not included in the 2016 Formula one race calendar. Sport enthusiasts in India are praying and hoping it resumes again soon since 2011 was a long prayer answer for them but the dream and happiness was short lived as it lasted only for a couple of years. Formula one is not the only world event that was held in Noida. In 2010, the World Commonwealth Games were held in the very same course used for the formula one tracks.

The city of Noida lies on the northern piece of India, close New Delhi. Noida is flanked in the west and south by the Yamuna River. It is verged on the north and northern west by the city of New Delhi. Besides, it is circumscribed along the northern east part by Ghaziabad and New Delhi. In conclusion, it is circumscribed by the Hindon River on the northern east, south and east partition. The city is under the catchments range of the stream Yamuna. It depends on an old waterway support.

A standout amongst the most well known points of interest in Noida is the War Memorial. This spot is arranged inside a Golf Course worked to recognize the Battle of Patparganj in the year 1803. The dirt on the city is basically loamy and rich, making it ideal for developing different products like grains, wheat, vegetables, other money harvests and sugarcanes. Because of urbanization, the primary harvests in Noida are presently foods grown from the ground. The city is encompassed by dried deciduous trees, for example, the Sal, Teak and Sheesham. You can make your stay in one of the hotels or villas in Noida or simply stay comfortably in Delhi itself and just take the metro or cab to Noida.

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Let the experts take the strain

Let us assume two things, first you have decided that Australia will be your next holiday destination, and secondly, you would like to travel around the country in order to see as much as possible, in the short time you have. If this is the case, then the best way to do this is with a self-drive holiday. That being said, you could simply hire a car and stay in hotels along the way. While this is possible, you would need to book all your accommodation in advance, and accommodation can be quite expensive in Australia. This kind of holiday would give you some degree of freedom, as long as you make it to your hotel by the evening. The perfect solution is to hire a motorhome or RV, as they are also known. This not only gives you the freedom to stop where you like, the cost is much lower than staying in hotels, freeing up much of your budget for other things.

Australia – A country and a continent

Unless you are Australian, the sheer size of the country can be overwhelming. What a European would consider a long trip in the car, would be a quick visit to a neighbor for a local in this country. With many remote and scarcely populated areas, it makes sense to use the services of an experienced campervan rental company that can provide you with a reliable vehicle, and the support that you will need on a long journey.

The perfect RV for you

With so many to choose from, you will undoubtedly find something that is perfect for your trip. With a range of vehicles that sleep 2 – 6 people, all equipped to facilitate a memorable holiday for you and your family. A good RV supplier will be able to advise you on routes, with detailed information about things to see and do along the way. More importantly, they will provide you with everything you will need on your trip, including spare parts, maps and a list of registered campsites to make your night stops more convenient. Furthermore, they will have a one-way service, which saves you the time of having to return the vehicle to the original starting point, simply leave the vehicle at your chosen destination.

More than just a vehicle

With the right supplier, you will receive much more than just a camper van, with a fully equipped RV that will make you trip so convenient, it will feel like your second home. Things that you would never think of would be neatly stored away somewhere, and you will receive orientation as to the whereabouts of everything, and more importantly, how to use things correctly. Apart from all this, the company will be at the other end of the phone at any time during your trip, should you need any assistance.

So, for that perfect Australian getaway, contact the professionals who will facilitate the holiday of a lifetime, taking the stress out of the preparation, allowing you to enjoy the experience.

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How to Find Best London Chauffeur Services

Commuting becomes luxurious when you travel with your desired vehicle. There are numerous chauffeur service providers on the roads of London but only selected few have the exceptional service quality. Therefore, the question arises, what should you be looking for while selecting any London chauffeur service also who should be relied upon for the same? We realised that these are the usual questions faced by most of the commuters or the seldom travellers who visit London for the first time or are on some kind of tour. Taking this thing into the picture we tried to come up with some factors that can help you decide over the selection of London chauffeur services. Go through these factors and always follow through them when you plan for your next ride in the London.


Past Service Record: The past record of any organization states how the company has treaded well since its opening. It shows how much the customers have been satisfied. Past service record of any company helps you understand its level of commitment ­towards the customers, the society, and the country as a whole. Moreover, it gives you glimpse into how you as a customer will be treated when you take service from that company. Therefore, looking into the past service record of the company becomes important. Whenever you are looking for the chauffeur service then you must try to look into the number of years the company has serviced its customers and how well their customers are satisfied from its service. You can even visit various blogs and online media to take a look into the reviews about the service. Along with that, you can take suggestions from your friends, colleagues and neighbours who have some way or the other taken service of the company.

Maintenance: The second important thing is the level of maintenance the driver and the vehicle reflects. You can easily guess the same when you see the cleanliness of the vehicle and the driver. Their seriousness towards the customer service can be easily seen from the same.

Proper Documents: Having a proper document of the vehicle and the person who will be servicing you is important because it is the only that will prevent you from getting into unnecessary troubles on the roads of London. Therefore, inspection of correct documents before taking the service is important.

The above mentioned three factors, past service record, maintenance, and proper documents, are the most important ones that should never be ignored when you are looking for any London chauffeur services. If you do not want to take the effort in looking at all the above factors, then you must have the staunch ability to sense the service level of the company when you talk with the company. Their eagerness to help you with their service will reflect in their voice which is easily traceable. Therefore, try to sense how they are talking to you and try to guess the level of service you can expect from them.

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How to Pick the Right Size Motorhome

Travelling around the country in a recreational vehicle is some of the best fun you can have in your life. It is exciting, freeing, and quite affordable. Driving, especially while petrol prices are low, is one of the most affordable ways to get around the country. There are many different options when it comes to motorhomes and campervans, though. To keep your trip as satisfying and as affordable as possible, you need to get a good grasp on what you need. That way you can hire the right size motorhome and not spend any more money than you need to. So, here are the criteria.

How Many People Are Going?

This is your first consideration. In addition to asking yourself this, you should also ask yourself how many people are paying. If you’re the only one dropping any money, that might change your math a little bit. Motorhomes typically range from two-person campervans to six-person motorhomes.

You should pick one big enough to fit everyone comfortably, but not so big that you’re wasting money. Bigger ones are more expensive and consume more petrol, which also drives up the cost of your trip. Once you’ve got it figured out how many people you need to accommodate, you can decide what amenities you want.

luxury motorhome

What Amenities Do You Need?

Your motorhome hire possibilities are going to have all different kinds of amenities. Some of them are going to be bare bones motorhomes that are great for getting from point A to point B. Some of them are going to be luxurious rolling living rooms with kitchens and bathrooms attached. Obviously, ones that have more amenities are going to be more expensive, but they could end up saving you money in the long run. If you have a lot of people, people with dietary restrictions, or children, you might end up stopping for food, bathroom breaks, and such more often. The ability to prepare meals on the motorhome could save you time and petrol. Plus, you won’t have to pay restaurant prices for food. Those are all considerations for the amenities you’ll need. Then, you can decide your final budget.

How Much Is Left in the Budget?

Once you’ve figured out how many berths you’re going to need and which amenities you’ll need, you will find yourself in a certain price range of motorhomes. That will give you a ballpark on how much you’re going to need to spend to hire a motorhome. Then, you need to think about how much is left in the budget. You’re going to need to budget for petrol and food as well. The easiest way to do that is to keep track of how much food you eat in your house for about a week. You can also check the fuel efficiency of any motorhome and get a pretty decent estimate of how much money you will spend on petrol over the course of the trip.

Those are basically the three most essential questions you need to ask yourself to pick the right motorhome. Once you’ve answered those, you can probably narrow down possible hires to the one that’s best for your group.

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Tips to Hire a Taxi at Stansted Airport

There are a number of taxi companies that you can use when departing from or arriving at the Stansted Airport When choosing a taxi keep in mind that you should never choose one that is not an official licensed private vehicle for hire or a black taxi. Taxis that have an official license will display a “Transport for London” licence tag.

Those who try to solicit business without a licence are not reputable. You could very well be putting yourself at risk if you choose to use unlicensed taxis. Besides being unsafe, many women are often assaulted as a result of taking a ride in an unlicensed taxi. Also it is good to know that black taxis are legally obligated to take on passengers who are travelling six miles or less if their yellow light is on.

When you arrive at Stansted Airport, there is only one taxi company located inside the terminal building. This company, Stansted Cars, can be reached at +44 (0)1279 662444. This is the official taxi company of the airport. There are other taxi companies available but these are located outside of the terminal building or nearby. Such companies include Checker Cars as well as Hertz and Essex Taxi. While these taxi companies lack the convenience of Stansted Cars they can still be useful. Due to promotions or other special rates using these companies may save you a little money.

On average, mini cabs or taxis are cheaper than black taxis. Sometimes for long journeys this may not be the case though. In order to shop around for the best available rate, most taxi companies can give you a quote online for your convenience. If you would like to speak to a real person, quotes can also be given over the phone and the most popular routes often have a flat fee. If you decide to fly into Stansted without making prior arrangements for a taxi, it is in your best interest to agree on a rate with the taxi company prior to getting into the car. Otherwise you could open yourself up to paying a lot for your taxi ride.

It should be noted that most reservations that occur over the phone could incur a £2 fee. In addition to this, if you choose to pay for your taxi by a credit card you may be accessed a fee of 10%-15%. When making arrangements for your taxi whether over the phone or in person be sure to inquire about any other fees that you may incur such as congestion fees.

Tipping your driver can be confusing. Typically you are not required to tip your driver; however, if you choose to do so tipping at a rate of 10% is acceptable. When tipping most people round up to the nearest pound to make it easier. However, it should be noted that while tipping is not required it might be expected. In general, the rule of thumb is that if you enjoyed the service, then tip. If you didn’t enjoy the service, then don’t.

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Japan Travel | Car Hire Info

Japan is one of the most popular travel destinations. The country which respects ancient traditions and use modern technologies; the past and the future are tailored there. This is the country with unique lifestyle and beautiful nature; you can stay in Japan luxury hotels and cozy traditional houses.

There are many places to visit in Japan. However, the major air gates of the country are situated not far away from Tokyo. It is easy to find convenient and affordable flight to Japan, as many airline companies operate in Japan, so you can choose the best deal. Public transportation is well developed in Japanese cities. However, if you want to explore rural Japan, most likely that you will have to rent a car, as public transportation may be infrequent and sometimes inconvenient. You should also think about cheap, affordable and low cost car hire excess insurance and rental car insurance quotes.

There are many companies which provide car rental in Japan. You should be 18 years old and have a valid international driver’s license or its official translation which are based on the Geneva Convention of 1949 to drive in Japan. You can also get a driving permit in your home country before you go to Japan.

When you plan your Japan travel, it is a good idea to think about travel Japan car hire ahead. You can hire a car via the Internet and drive from the airport to the hotel. You can also drop your car where it is convenient for you. Though, check whether any additional fees apply.

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Renting A Car For Travel In Mexico City, DF

First of all, you should know that making an online reservation doesn’t mean much in Mexico. It will get you a fixed price for the rental, but it doesn’t mean there will be a car there waiting for you. In fact with Budget and Hertz, I have shown up at the car rental only to be told there is no car. No upgrade, nada. I even called ahead. This is especially bad during holiday seasons like Christmas and Easter. And the online price isn’t even always the best!

Secondly, the price you get online will NOT include insurance. There are several different insurance levels available, and it is illegal to drive without any insurance. My suggestion is to get all the available insurance — it’s to easy to get your car dinged or stolen in Mexico, and the rental offices are scrupulous about inspecting the car when you return it.

WARNING: Besides not having cars, Budget forces you to get a certain level of insurance, even if you don’t want it.

To avoid all this, don’t pick up your rental when you arrive at the Mexico City airport. A taxi will get you to your hotel quickly and economically — and it’ll give you a chance to get acclimated to the Mexico City driving style.

Then (or before you arrive), contact a reputable car rental agency BY PHONE. I recommend National in Mexico. You can get a compact 4-door car with full insurance for about $50 a day. If you ask, they will bring the car to you wherever you are staying. You are more likely to get a car this way. You can also upgrade to a better car for not-much-more, because more than half of the $50/day is insurance. Delivery also avoids the airport tax.

You can save some money by reducing the insurance, but be sure to get the minimum — I’ve never been sure whether Credit Card insurance actually will help you in Mexico. Not having any insurance will get you a quick trip to jail if you are pulled over.

IMPORTANT: An delivery time EARLY in the day will give you the best chance of actually receiving your car. By the end of the day, they are running out.

Some tips when inspecting the car upon delivery. The deliverer will make a note of all these issues:
1) Make sure you have an inflated spare tire and tire change kit.
2) Check all the glass for broken glass.
3) Make sure you have a gas cap, antenna etc.
4) Check the wheel rims for dings.
5) Check all around the exterior of the car for any slight dings or scratches.
6) Make sure to see all the paperwork for the car: They should give you a folder with the insurance AND the registration.

A tip is appropriate when your car is picked up or dropped off.

It is probably easiest to take a cab back to the airport, but if you decide to drop of your rental when leaving then you need to take it back to TERMINAL 1 of the airport. Drive past all the gate areas, and after that there will be a sign that says “Renta de Autos”. The road will split — make sure to choose the left split and the car rental return is on the left.

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How To Help Your Car Survive A Long Journey

CIf you love your car, then you might find yourself cringing somewhat when you prepare to go on a long journey. While cars pick up wear and tear at the best of times, long journeys can be very bad for them as you place them under more of a strain, as you increase the probability of something going wrong, and as you drive in areas that you are less familiar with and so are more likely to have accidents.

But long journeys don’t have to spell doom for your baby. As long as you are careful and you plan ahead, there are many things you can do to make long journeys better on your vehicles. Read on to find out how you can go about doing that.

Before You Leave

The biggest factors in determining how your vehicle survives a long journey will happen before you have even left. Before you set off, make sure that your car has enough fuel, that it has enough water and oil and that the tires are well pumped up. If you don’t keep the tires filled with air, then your car will essentially have less suspension and you will find it is more likely to get damaged from being jolted around as you go over bumps.

If you haven’t had your car checked over for a while, then you may want to get it more thoroughly looked over. For instance you might find that your shocks need replacing and this is something that you should definitely do before you set off on a long journey. Of course if you are constantly travelling across the country and your car is just a regular run-around, then you won’t want to take it in to be serviced every time. But if this is a particularly long journey or you think your car particularly needs it, then getting a professional (even a friend) to give it a once over can help you to prevent catastrophe.

On the Journey

On the journey you can also help your car to better survive the ordeal. This means making sure that you are gentle with it and that you don’t drive too furiously on uneven roads. It’s rushing down gravel tracks that will scratch your windows and cover your car’s body in bugs, and it’s hitting potholes at a rate of knots that will damage your suspension or your exhaust.

Choosing the right routes here can make a difference too. If you have two options and one is a little longer but means you avoid that gravel track or country lane, then it will be much better for your car in the long run.

Also important of course is to try and avoid accidents. This is something you should always be doing anyway, but on a long journey it is especially important to be vigilant as you may be getting tired and may be in a hurry to get to your destination. Make sure that you take regular breaks when your body tells you you need to, make sure that you don’t break the speed limit and make sure that you can see clearly and know where you’re going.

One of the simplest ways to look after your car is to hang back more from the car in front. Not only could this help to avoid an accident if they were to suddenly hit the brakes, but it will also mean that you get less dust and dirt thrown up in your windshield as they drive through puddles and across gravel.


When you have finished your long journey the first thing to do is to ensure that your car is parked somewhere safe. When you’re away from home it may be hard to find off road parking, but it’s worth it if you can afford it. At least try to find a less busy area and take a look to see if there’s anywhere under shelter.

And when you get home, make sure to clean your car up and give it a once over. If you do this immediately then you can catch any problems early and avoid rust setting in or a flat tyre going unnoticed.