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Hawaii is one such place that almost every tourist should have on their must-visit list of places to explore. The state offers countless attractions for the tourists to explore and enjoy their vacation time to the fullest.

The experience of vacationing in the Hawaii Islands is surely going to remain etched in your memory because of the numerous opportunities it provides you to explore. You can indulge in a wide variet of outdoor activities. Read on to learn more about the 5 best camping grounds and hiking spots in Hawaii that you must explore when visiting these magnificent Islands.

Namakanipaio Camping Ground

One of the widely known camping spots in Hawaii, Namakanipaio is located 31 and a half miles south of Hilo on Highway-11. The weather remains damp and cool throughout the year. The visitors can set up their camps without any reservation and free of cost under the Eucalyptus trees that this camping ground is famous for.

However, the spots for setting camps are available on first-come basis. The camping ground provides numerous opportunities for the campers to enjoy their stay there with campfires and live BBQ etc. One of the most popular ways to spend the night here is with a hammock with mosquito netting (insects are a problem here) or using a cot because the soil here is very rocky and uneven.

Kulanaokuaiki Camping Ground

Although there is no water available in Kulanaokuaiki camping ground yet it makes for one of the must explore camping spots in the state of Hawaii. It has eight individual campsites. Each campsite is equipped with all the essential features that one require for camping.

Temperature ranges from 60 to 70 F and 30 to 50 F during daytime and night respectively. The campsite has limited features such as no water and campfires allowed but the visually appealing location make up for the shortcomings and make this camping ground a must-visit.

Koke’e State Park

With the various facilities including restaurants, lodges, outdoor showers, picnic areas, restrooms etc. Koke’ State park is one of the widely-known camping spots for the tourists to enjoy. The campers here can enjoy and explore the breathtaking visuals and various other outdoor activities, like hiking and fishing. The park is located on 15 miles north of Kekaha on Koke’ road.

Bellows Field Beach Park, Oahu

Bellows Field Beach Park in Oahu is considered to be on the most beautiful camping spot in the state of Hawaii. The campsite is open for the tourists only on the weekends as the beach park is used as a military training area during the weekdays. The visitors can enjoy breathtaking visuals of the ocean and the pleasant weather along with indulging in various watersports like kayaking and jet skiing.

Anini Beach Park, Kauai

One of the favorite beachside camping spots for tourists and locals alike. Anini Beach Park boasts of a variety of attractions. However, the campers need to take certain precautions while setting their camps there because of the abundance of rain and windy weather.

Apart from the mentioned above, the state of Hawaii boasts of many other campsites offering a wide variety of amenities for the tourists to enjoy. If you are planning your next vacation to Hawaii, make sure you visit as many as possible to make your trip a memorable one.

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