Planning A Trip

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Planning A Trip

Everybody needs a few tips when planning a Las Vegas vacation, reason being they would not prefer to do another vacation where it may seem like a chore to get up and do everything over again and again. Las Vegas is all about coming out of one’s comfort zone and stretching it right to the edge of the inappropriate. Las Vegas is an adventure in travelling and making memories that one might not be able to share fully with their grandchildren in future.

The science to having a fabulous time at Las Vegas includes the social chemistry of alcohol and inhibitions. These tips for your travels to Vegas will boost your vacation in a different direction. Shopping, clubs, gambling, shows, hotel rooms, diners are some of the avenues where money can go fast in a city like Las Vegas. However, it is not necessary to spend megabucks to have a great time in the Sin City. Below are the 5-money saving tips to help expand your Vegas budget a little further.

  1. Food & Dining

Try the buffets during lunch time which is usually much cheaper with the same food selection. Also, preferably order wine by the bottle if two or more people are drinking wine as it can save some money. It is better to skip soft drinks and bottled water in a restaurant as the beverage cost may come to be half the bill amount. Instead order ice water even if the waiter is talking into buying their soft drinks/bottled water. Also, it is advisable to check the menu before entering a restaurant as the food bill may dent the budget.

  1. Getting around Las Vegas

Avoid buying gas from the stations on the Vegas Strip and take a few minutes to drive east or west to get cheaper gas. Riding the Vegas monorail or walking is best but for those hot hot days, cab it or use the casino shuttles.

  1. Las Vegas Shows

These show tickets are always cheaper online and always best to book and take advantage of the online deals before arriving in Las Vegas. Also, when purchasing the ticket online choose the ‘Tickets by email and on mobile’ option to avoid paper tickets delivery charges.

  1. Gambling 

It is advisable to sit in the free gambling lessons offered by the casinos, if one is new to the gambling world. Also, it is better to budget money allotted to gambling so there is no question of over spending and avoid credit card cash withdrawal machines.

  1. General 

Las Vegas has a desert climate and hence it is better to keep hydrated all the time. There are laws and don’t assume just because it is Vegas one can do whatever they want.
Once you add airfare, hotel, food, entertainment and shopping a trip to Las Vegas can be substantial amount of money. This is even after travelling midweek using all the discount websites for hotel and flights, one may lose it all in gambling. And, finally on the flight home the ultimate tips for your travels to Vegas is to plan the next trip!

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