Olympic Lagoon

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Olympic Lagoon Nissi Bay is located in Cyprus. It is an ideal location for tourism because of its numerous tourist features. The bay can best be described as a meeting point between natural beauty and man’s creativity. A quick research on Google image says it all. Apart from its natural beauty, it also offers well maintained vegetation within its surrounding.

Its serene and tranquil ambience makes it a very suitable location for guests who want to be away from the noisy hustle and bustle of city life. It also offers a very clean river with blue water that allows guests to enjoy wonderful swimming sessions and other water activities.

To cater for ever increasing number of tourists, several world class accommodation facilities have been provided. There are different categories of accommodation depending on the social class and financial status of each guest.

There seem to be a standard for all the hotels and guest houses in Olympic Lagoon Nissi Bay. They all have rooms with a double bed that is wide enough for about four adults to sleep conveniently. There is an extra bed in addition, just in case the double bed is not big enough.

Although it may not be useful in cold season, every room has an air conditioning unit. It is obviously meant for guests that will arrive in sunny season. Nothing can be as discomforting as heat. A lot of people are addicted to either tea or coffee, so for guests that can’t stay away from tea and coffee, a coffee/tea making facility has been installed in every room. There is a mini-fridge in every room for guests to be able to preserve their groceries for as many days as they want.

The world has become a global village due to the emergence of internet and it has become indispensable to everybody and every business. Hence, a Wi-Fi is available in all Olympic Lagoon resorts so that guests are not cut off from the world during their stay in Nissi Bay.

For some guests, the major activities of their business are done online. That kind of visitors can be on holiday in Olympic Lagoon and still keep tabs on their business. Guests just need to come over with their mobile devices and they can connect.

For continuous entertainment, every room also offers a flat-screen satellite television. All guests can watch their favorite shows right in their room in Nissi Bay. This makes them feel at home.

An after-shower hairdryer is also available. All apartments also have a bathroom with bath/shower and a water closet. They all have a balcony from which guests can enjoy fresh breeze without leaving their apartment. There are five swimming pools available. You can also enjoy a wide variety of dishes in any of the two restaurants available in Olympic Lagoon resort.

To be able to provide adequate drinks for tourists, the bay offers three world class bars where unlimited chilled, hot, alcoholic and soft drinks are served from about 10.30am to 11.30pm every single day.

It also has provision for your kids. It offers an extensive kids’ club program for your kids. For fitness enthusiasts, there is a gym available. But only guests that are 18 years an above are allowed to use the fitness facilities.

To ensure that you and other visitors are not bored for one second, there are daytime activities that you can engage in. These activities are Zumba, aquarobics, archery, mini-football, killer pool game, darts and basketball. And in the evening, there is mini-disco and talent shows. You can either watch or participate. You can catch unlimited fun from either.

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