Aruba Vacations

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In this article, I will be giving you 3 different places to visit while on Aruba vacations. There are a variety of places to see in Aruba, from national monuments to museums. While touring on Aruba vacations, with the items on this list, visitors will be sure to learn about and see an endless amount of interesting things while on an Aruba vacation in the desert country. There will be three installments to this article topic.

Aruba Vacations

First we start with an area that has proven a success with families of all age ranges on Aruba vacations, the Aruba Butterfly Farm. It’s beautiful sights like these that make Aruba travel amazing. Hundreds of fantastic butterflies of a diverse variety are kept here. This is one place you want to be sure to bring a camera to. With a bit of patience, you can catch some of the creatures in their natural environment, and take several beautiful photos to later take home. Information is provided by tour guides, and once you pay for your first visit, you may return again as often as you like during the duration of your stay.

Next on the list of Aruba travel area visits is the Numismatic Museum of Aruba. The word “numismatic” means the study and collection of money, and for those who are interested in learning a bit of global history on their Aruba vacations, this is a definite stop. Tourists will see coins and paper bills from all over the world, aided by informative and friendly staff. Admission includes a coin as a souvenir.

Did you know that there is a museum specifically for aloe? Not many people do. The Aruba Aloe Factory and Museum Tour is a good place for those on Aruba vacations who are interested in how things are made. The museum is educational and child-friendly, and offers a shopping experience typical of an island. With the healing agents of the free samples of aloe that are given out, the museum is also good for those who managed to get sunburned on their Aruba vacations.

In this article I gave you three different areas to explore while on Aruba vacations. These museums are chock full of information, from solely Aruba all the way to other countries. For those who find museums and tours to be boring, you’re better off with my Aruba vacations article on beaches. Otherwise, be sure to look out for the next part of this topic, where I give more things to see while on your Aruba vacation.

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