Affordable holidaying with cheap Turkey and Egypt hotels

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Holidaymakers from the UK have been looking for alternatives to some of their favourite European destinations this year as budgets have tightened and the Euro currency has gained in strength. Luckily, there are some affordable choices not too far from home in the shape of hotels in Turkey and Egypt. Favourable exchange rates alongside the cheap Turkey and Egypt hotels are proving a desirable combination for holidaymakers considering these two locations just outside the Eurozone.Affordable holidaying with cheap Turkey and Egypt hotels

Travellers wanting to save some cash would do well to head to Turkey on holiday. An enticing blend of low day to day living costs and some fantastic deals on good quality but still cheap Turkey hotels is luring visitors of all types. Turkey has been making a particular name for itself in the holiday charts this winter as a top pick. Its currency has played a big role in it being seen as a best buy location recently. The country still has a number of years to go before it can join the EU and consider swapping its Lira for the Euro. Thanks to an exchange rate of around 2.4 Lira to the Pound, UK visitors can expect a bit more for their cash, particularly compared with some of Turkey’s European neighbours. Discounts and deals on accommodation are another bonus for holidaymakers at the moment. All inclusive hotels in Turkey can be found for as low as £10 per person per night this winter.

Across the water from Turkey, there are more cheap hotels available in the popular North African destination of Egypt. In the cost of living stakes the country follows hot on the heels of Turkey. Meanwhile, deals on all inclusive hotels in Egypt offer further value for holidaymakers who decide to choose the land of the Pharaohs for their next getaway. Two people can enjoy a seven night stay at an all inclusive resort for around £18 per person per night this winter. Whichever destination travellers decide to visit in the end, a trip just outside the Eurozone is an excellent choice for affordable holidaying.

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