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Guwahati is ancient. It has various sanctuaries. Hence, it is frequently called the city of temples. There are a lot of attractions in Guwahati, from religious destinations to rich natural life and the picturesque zones along the Brahmaputra. Explore the numerous shades of this city of Assam on your next excursion. Read on.

Thinking of a trip from Bangalore to North East? How about Guwahati, the city that is the gateway to all the places of northeast? Sounds amazing, right? Check out Bangalore to Guwahati flights and get aboard for a memorable trip on your upcoming holiday. Guwahati is an old city of Assam. It is likewise the biggest city of the state. Considered the entryway to the seven sisters of the North East, it is a standout amongst the most prominent spots in the district and the focal point of financial and social advancement. Tourism has seen a great deal of vertical development in Assam in later past and thus Guwahati remains a bustling city in this setting. There are various old Hindu temples in the city and consequently Guwahati is additionally called the City of Temples. The capital of Assam, the circuit city of Dispur, is situated inside of Assam.

Arranged between the foothills of Shillong and the banks of Brahmaputra, Guwahati offers a considerable measure of traveler spots and places of revival to the guests. It has old destinations, religious structures, diverse wildlife and backwoods> it has the famous Madan Kamdev archeological site around 30 km away. There are so many attractions around. It is well connected by rail road, and air. The city offers various attractions for sightseers. The most well known among them is the Kamakhya Mandir which is there upon the Nilachal Hills. An Ambubachi Festival is held here and the sanctuary pulls in aficionados from many other states. Kamakhya Temple of Guwahati is viewed as a sacrosanct Shakti seat and thus the divinity Goddess is venerated by every one of the general population of the state in high regard.


Navagraha Temple is another critical religious spot here and it is arranged on the Chitrashala Hill. Individuals revere the nine heavenly bodies here and the sanctuary goes back to eighteenth century. There are different sanctuaries worth a notice, for example, Janardana Temple, Umananda Temple of the seventeenth century, Ugro Tara Temple, Bhubaneswari Mandir, etc. Other than these religious destinations, there are numerous different spots of well known admiration that you can visit. Some of these are the Guwahati planetarium, Regional Science Center, Assam State Museum, Assam Zoo and Botanical Gardens, etc. For a totally diverse sort of experience, you can invest some time at the Basistha Ashram. It is based at Vindhyachal Hills in Dispur. Accoland and Nehru Park are places for recreation in Guwahati. You can look at the neighborhood markets for crafted works, shopping, etc. You can get the famous Assam tea leaves to carry back home. Also check out the local Assamese cuisine.

If Guwahati seems to far for a short trip, you can check out the Bangalore Mangalore flights and have a nice holiday in the neighborhood. Have a great trip!

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