South America tour

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One of the special holidays that you can take that is as exciting as it is affordable is an excursion to the South American country called Ecuador. Known officially as the Republic of Ecuador, the country is bordered by Peru to the south and east, Colombia to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The Galapagos Islands, which lie adjacent to Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean, are also part of Ecuadorian territory.

South America tour

A Popular Tourist Destination

Among countries globally, Ecuador is the 74th largest country worldwide and covers an area of just over 283,560 square kilometres, which includes the aforementioned Galapagos Islands. If you go on a tour of South America, Ecuador is often featured in many excursions. It is easy to understand why, especially when you learn more about the country’s beautiful landscape and an array of animals and plants.

In fact, the country is home to thousands of species of birds, reptiles, butterflies and plants. The climate, which is both tropical and sub-tropical, makes tourism a popular industry. Therefore, South America tour companies feature travel to this part of the world throughout the year.

A Typical Tour

If you visit the country, you will soon discover that the traditions of Spain dictate the country’s cultural tone. The largest city in Ecuador is Guayaquil, and the capital is Quito. Typically, a tour of the country is around 12 days. Tourists get their money’s worth as they head into the country’s cloud forest, where they can see wildlife such as hummingbirds in the dream-like atmosphere.

A trip through the Avenue of the Volcanoes is an unforgettable experience, as is stopping at the various lagoons and lakes on an Ecuador excursion. Stopping in Baños is often included in a tour package too. Known as the land that features orchids and cascades, this part of a trip is just one of the stops that tourists cannot stop talking about long after they have come back from their holiday.

Visiting the Old Section of the City

Usually, on an Ecuador tour, most visitors will first start out in the capital of Quito. They are normally met by a tour representative and then transferred to centrally located accommodations. On day two of the trip, visitors may be picked up and taken on a major walking tour of Quito’s Colonial District. This, indeed, is an interesting activity as guests are able to visit famous colonial structures, churches and squares.

Independence Plaza, on this part of the journey, features such landmarks as the Presidential Palace and the Archbishop’s Palace. Other popular attractions include the San Francisco Church, and the oldest church in South America, known as the Basilica of Quito. The church is distinctive, as it is made almost entirely of volcanic stone. Guests are also privy to such sites as Panecillo Mirador, the most well-known incline in Quito.  When you reach the top of the hill, make sure you take some pictures of modern Quito and its colonial side.

The above sampling of a tour is reason enough to check out the various countries and sites you can visit in South America. Tours are also available for countries like Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia and Chile, to name a few.

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