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Of all the different types of holiday, you could do much worse than choosing to visit Australia, and with such a diverse climate and culture that spans a continent, the best way to experience the magic of this intriguing land is by hiring a campervan. The reasons for this are many, and the fact that many local families have their own motorhomes is a testament to the popularity of this type of holiday, and if you are already convinced and would like to know more, here is a step by step guide to the holiday of a lifetime.

  • Source a Suitable Campervan – This is essential, and once you know your dates, the next thing is to go online to hire a campervan. Once you have found an established campervan rental company, they will have lots of very useful information that will help you to plan your holiday, and before you can do anything, you need to look at the vehicles on offer. A campervan would comfortably sleep 2 adults and 2 children, while a motorhome is a little more spacious and could sleep up to 6 people, and with just about everything you could imagine on board, you will want for nothing during the expedition.
  • Select a Route – The rental company’s website would have interesting articles on the various routes, with the recommended number of days to complete the trip, and details of the local attractions. You might want to experience the fertile valleys of Western Australia, or perhaps drive the stunning coastal roads in New South Wales or Queensland, and for the really adventurous, a couple of weeks in the Australian Outback would definitely be suitable.
  • Make your Booking – Once you have chosen the ideal vehicle, and you know your planned route and dates, then you can make an online booking, and due to the popularity of this kind of holiday, you will need to book a few months in advance, if you want to guarantee that vehicle on those dates. The online booking process is simple and with a secure online payment, your holiday is booked, and all you have to do is arrange the flights.
  • Do Some Homework – In order to get the most out of the experience, it makes sense to do some research about the route you are taking, and read about Australia in general, especially about the indigenous Aboriginal culture, which is still an integral part of the country. Like America, Australia is a young country, and with a diverse culture and friendly people, it makes for an ideal holiday destination.

If you and your family plan the adventure well, you will get so much out of the experience, and with the freedom of the open road, you decide where you go and how long you stay. Everything you need to know about this type of holiday can be found on the campervan hire company’s website, including essential requirements and advice on packing, and once you have made the booking, you can relax, knowing you will soon experience Australia in a unique way.



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