Panfield House

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Whenever you are out on business tours or vacations you always look for an accommodation which seems like home to you. Braintree has been experiencing a lot of travelers recently including business travelers or tourists. They have been facing some problems for an accommodation which provides them with all the facilities which they could get at their home. There are a lot of hotels and cottages to reside in. But to our dismay not all of them are successful in providing you with a native environment. Thus you have to go and look out for someone who promises to make you feel comfortable with their hospitality and services. You need to make a prior research before you book your stay with any hotel and also you should make sure that they have been providing you with all the necessary facilities which you require. Panfield House is a brand name famous for their hospitality in Braintree. They have been serving very long time . There are so many people in this town making business with selling their hospitality services but not all of them are up to the mark. Hence Panfield House serves you with the best services.

Panfield House

Panfield House

We have established our fame and name by working hard for our clients. We make sure that they feel at home and have a native experience while they are out. Our experience of so many years of serving hospitality has let us serve the best to our clients. There are so many advantages that the clients get to have with us.

  1. We provide you with the fully serviced accommodation with quality services and you never have to worry about your stay with us because we tend to make it relaxing and perfect for you.
  2. We are offering you a fully self serviced cottage.
  3. You might be overwhelmed to know that we offer you with a wifi broadband connection too so that you can have a full access to the world outside.
  4. For your comfort and let to you feel the heat in winters we have a under floor heating system installed too so that you do not face any difficulty.
  5. For all the reasons mentioned above we have received a quality grade four star badge and we feel a joy of pride in announcing the fact that we are the prime choice of our customers.

Our Services

We have hired some of the most professional workers for your convenience. We make sure that you do not face any kind of difficulty during your stay. Their commitment to their clients and level of professionalism in their work has rewarded us with our success.

We acknowledge the fact that you have been really tensed about your stay while you travel and we make sure that we make it easy and comfortable for you to adjust. Panfield House has a perfect self catered accommodation for you to reside in and feel like at home. Just venture us once and we would make sure that you have a wonderful experience with us.


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