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Margaret River is a wonderful tourist attraction in Australia that attracts thousands of tourists on an annual basis. It’s home to historical sites, is within close proximity to major cities and boasts the glorious weather that the whole country enjoys. However, it’s the vineyards that have made it such an appealing place to visit, and it’s no wonder why when it boasts so many.

Everybody likes to see something a little different when travelling, and that often means getting off the beaten path and learning something new. Wineries not only provide an educational experience, they also offer spectacular views and a chance to try some of the world’s most delicious wines.

Of course, if you’re going to make the most of your holiday, you’ll need to look into Margaret River luxury accommodation. Holidays are few and far between, so spending a little extra on luxurious accommodation is a great way to make the most of your savings.

You can find perfect Margaret River accommodation from Constellation Apartments that’s guaranteed to impress. However, once you’re in the beautiful region, you need to know which vineyards are a must visit. Below, this article will detail seven vineyards that ought to be on your radar.

Making the Most of a Trip to Margaret River

If you’re planning a trip to the beautiful Margaret River, here are seven vineyards that you simply need to visit:

  • Cape Mentelle Vineyards – This is one of the first vineyards in the region, established in 1970 by the world-renowned Hohen brothers. The owners have said its location, soil and expertise are the reasons for its success.
  • Arlewood Estate – This winery is another one of the first in the region, though it’s only medium-sized at 90 hectares. Two wines you may have heard of that are made here include the Cabernet Sauvignon and the La Bratta Rosso.
  • Brookland Valley – An award-winning winery, Brookland Valley was named winery of the year in 2009 and boasts a restaurant that serves delicious food.
  • Voyager Estate – Michael Wright established this well-known vineyard in 1978, and it is now run by his daughter since his passing in 2012.
  • Vasse Felix – This vineyard has earned its place as one of the top 100 in the world according to Wine & Spirits USA. If such a prestigious organisation gave it that title, you know it’s worth visiting.
  • Leeuwin Estate – James Halliday described this winery as the one that produced that world’s finest example of chardonnay – well worth a visit.
  • Si Vintners – This winemaker grows all its grapes organically and is said by many to produce some of the world’s finest wines.

Wine Tasting Opportunities You Can’t Miss

Of course, there are many things to do when visiting Margaret River, but you can’t avoid wine-tasting given the fact that the region is responsible for producing such delicious drinks. Just make sure you plan your trip in advance to ensure you don’t miss out on great opportunities.

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