Celebrate New Years Eve

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Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just around the corner, as are winter holidays. This is the best time to plan a vacation that you have been thinking about taking for quite some time. It is time to delight in the celebrations and welcome the year with joy. Here are some places in India to celebrate your new year with joy and joy:


Famous for coffee and spice plantations, Coorg is famous for its stable climate throughout the year. A popular getaway for the inhabitants of Bangalore, its lush vegetation and fresh air will make you drop your jaw. A fantastic place for hiking and bird watching, it is certainly the best place to celebrate the new year in India. Coorg is a place where rejuvenation is guaranteed.

The Last Resort is surrounded by spice plantations, so it should be your first choice when staying at a place like Coorg. The rooms are neat and well maintained. And the best part is the calm and serenity in the surroundings.


The ‘Queen of the hills’ is everyone’s favorite destination around the new year. And why not? The charm of this ancient colonial city is in full swing in winters. The imposing mountains covered with white and pristine snow are a visual gift for your senses and make it the best place to celebrate the new year.

Sunbathe at Lord Gardens Glory, which lies between the high mountains. You can have a 360 degree view of nature that Shimla imposes. Away from all the hustle and bustle, this is the best place for couples to escape.


Spend your new year in the golden city of Rajasthan, in the middle of the sand dunes of the Thar desert. Nowhere better evokes the rustic charm and mystery of the desert. Jaisalmer is best known for its golden honey palace, the magnificent Havelis hidden in the narrow street and the shops wrapped in bright embroidery.

If you want to enjoy a relaxed and trouble-free new year, book your room at the Paradise Hotel inside the fort and inhabit the worn walls of the 400-year-old royal compound. The place offers a unique experience of vintage atmosphere.


The sea of ​​tranquility that is this French colony, Puducherry is a perfect destination for a relaxing and relaxed New Year. Delight yourself with French food, cobbled streets and its lively beaches. This bohemian city with a touch of serenity is a perfect place to start your new year.

Enjoy your stay at Beach Bubbles, which gives you a feeling of the beach and its liveliness from the hotel. From the lounge to the sauna and from the gym to the spa, this hotel is well equipped with amenities. With a view of the city lights, the hotel offers comfort and hospitality with the best rice.


With mountains beckoning from all sides, this hippie city in the hills is a favorite place for people to hang. Whether backpackers or newlyweds, Manali is a magnet throughout the year and, therefore, the best destination for a year-end party. Whether trekking, rafting, paragliding or skiing, you can have endless adventures in the green valleys of the Beas River.

Get comfortable in the heavenly abode of Wood Valley Cottage. The place offers the amazing views of gigantic mountains. The rooms have wooden furniture that give the feeling of a mountain house. Enjoy graffiti on the streets of old Manali.


Spend your New Year’s Eve on the bustling streets of the ‘Snooty Ooty’ or in the quieter and greener areas that resemble the English rural routes. One of the places with more atmosphere to stay, Ooty is a mixture of the Indian bustle and charm of the British era.

The Pebrock Heritage Inn is set amidst green vegetation and offers stunning views of Nilgiris. If you are looking for a place far from trouble, this budget hotel offers a quiet and welcoming stay to its guests.


Known as the Venice of India, start your new celebration in this magical marble mosaic and an elite destination to spend your new year. With Aravalli spreading in all directions and the many fascinating lakes, Udaipur is the “most romantic place” on the entire continent.

Go back a little from the hustle and enjoy a relaxing stay at Little garden Guest House. Classic vintage rooms ensure a cozy stay at affordable prices. It is known as one of the best places in Udaipur to stay.

If you are planning to explore India, you can also choose the Palace on Wheels train which is the most offers five-star opulent services onboard the train.

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