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Recreational vehicles, or as they’re more commonly known, RVs, have something special about them. They’re the turtles of the camping world. You bring your house with you. Plus, they can accommodate even the most indoors-prone of people. RVs have everything you need. There’s storage for your food. You have a bed you don’t have to inflate or carry around with you. They allow you to take showers. RVs come in all shapes and sizes, and they make transitioning to camping easier for people who might have a preference for the indoors, or a disability that would prevent them from getting out the way they want to. Plus, if you’re trying to travel outdoors full-time but can’t see yourself living in a tent daily, an RV can make up for that. Here are six ways to get the most out of your RV rental.

  1. Make sure it has all of its problems taken care of beforehand

 Nothing puts a damper on your traveling like a broken part of your RV. Whether it’s a broken fridge or the air conditioning is faulty, that can lead to disaster, especially if you have a party larger than two. When you rent your RV, make sure everything works out before you leave the RV rental place. Of course, issues can arise. When they do, find out where the nearest RV repair place is, and get that problem fixed before more damage occurs.

  1. Understand the function of all the extra bells and whistles

If you’re renting an RV for the first time, it feels kind of fancy. There might be some added features you’re unaware of, and its worth taking the time to figure out what’s what. Your RV might have some awning that’ll give you nice shade. Or if you’re going dry camping – that is, camping where no water, electricity and sewage exist – you’ll definitely want to find out what your RV storage comes with and what you need to supply yourself.

  1. Bring the extra necessities

Since you can’t guarantee that your RV will have everything you need, bring backup supplies in case of an emergency. You’re going to want to bring an extra couple of gallons of potable water, and some non-perishable food. Find out if your RV has a first aid kit. If it does, see what it’s missing and make a list of what you might need to bring along with you. Your trip will be much better that way.

  1. Find where the dumping stations are

Luckily, they don’t exist only in campgrounds. You can also find dump stations at gas stations, RV parks, highway rest stops, recreation vehicle dealerships, marinas, and other areas. Try to empty your sewage regularly – daily if you can. Find out the proper procedure for it, and be sure to clean up any spills that might – and will – occur.

  1. Use your generator sparingly

Generators are useful. After all, they’re what powers your RV and helps your camping experience get better and keeps your food cool and your shower running. However, many campgrounds require quiet hours from about 8 or 9 PM until 7 or 8 AM. Take care that your generator is louder than snoring and for the sake of other campers, turn off the generator, save the battery power, and bask in the sounds of the wilderness.

  1. Tidy up

This is for the sake of your rental, but also makes your camping even better. You might be a natural slob, but this isn’t the time to indulge in that habit. Pick up any trash that lies around your RV. Clean up the bathroom and clean up any spills. Have other campers who are with you help you clean up, since they’re sharing too. The cleanliness just makes the trip better.

Overall, your trip shouldn’t be a hassle. RV camping is fun. It’s great for small families because while one parent drives, the other parent can help out the kids. It’s fun for people in any life situation, and you can enjoy yourself all the way through, as long as you take care of your RV.

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