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We all know the great benefits of going to college – you can improve your career opportunities and increase your potential earnings. And if you choose the right major, you can end up in a pretty great career for the next 40 years (or whenever you decide to retire). Your choice of colleges are extensive – not only do you have local options like San Diego State University and Maryville University, but others from around the globe. Traveling abroad to obtain an education isn’t unheard of and should actually be considered. Here are a few reasons why most students decide to take their studies across seas.

  1. Hone Your Language Skills

Speaking a second or even third language can be very beneficial for many reasons. What better way to get acquainted with a new language than to live directly in the country where it’s spoken? This gives you a chance to really get up close and personal with the locals, so you can learn how to properly use the new words you learn in everyday conversation. There’s nothing like learning from the cultures that speak the language day in and day out.

  1. Explore New Interests

There are many different things that people do in foreign countries that you may not have tried or even heard of. Going away to college in such countries will grant you the opportunity to learn about and try these activities, which may become a newfound interest of yours. There’s plenty to discover out in the world, which you can bring home with you when you graduate. You may find that you love to hike, snow ski or golf.

  1. Learn to Be Independent

Your parents and friends will no longer be a phone call away, so you’ll have to learn how to do for yourself. You can still converse with your family over the Internet and phone to get advice and to have someone to talk to who you’re familiar with. But the real challenge will be going through life as a college student in a foreign country. This will do wonders for your personal development.

  1. Advance Your Career Opportunities

Once you graduate from your foreign college, you will stand out as an applicant wherever you go. Many companies like to work with employees who have experience and language skills with the customers they sell to. It also shows your sense of character – it takes a confident and brave soul to move across seas to learn amongst people that are completely different than your home country.

  1. Build Relationships with Foreigners

The friendships and relationships you’ll build across seas will be very meaningful. Some will even become lifelong friends. Having close relations with people from other cultures can be awakening and a big learning experience in itself. There’s always something new to learn about other countries and cultures, which will make your friendships a lifelong learning experience.

  1. Travel the World

Studying abroad places you in a unique position to travel to countries you otherwise wouldn’t be able to in your home country. For instance, if you studied in Rome, you would be right next door to France and Greece. Your traveling capabilities increase, which means you can travel and see more of the globe.

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