visit Nainital

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Nainital is one of the most celebrated hill stations in India. Tourists flock to this place throughout the year to enjoy its regal beauty of charm. There are a lot of places to explore when in Nainital and hence a 2 nights’ stay is a minimum when you come to this hill station.

visit Nainital

You will not have any problem in arranging for accommodation here since there are plenty of hotels and resorts in nainital. You just have to make sure that they are booked well in advance to avoid any last-minute reservation problems. If you are wondering whether or not, Nainital is worth a visit, here are some reasons that will definitely convince you:

  1. Nainital is truly one of the most beautiful places that you will come across in India. The surrounding hills and the beautiful view of the Himalayas seen from the mall road is something that you will be able to experience only when in Nainital. Like every hill station, Nainital too has a charm of its own, which must be explored by any enthusiastic tourist!
  2. The Naini Lake is all the more reason why you should visit Nainital. The serene waters of the lake are surrounded by green trees and hills all around, making it extremely picturesque. This is any photographer’s delight and indeed a treat for the eyes. It is also the best place to spend some quality time with your family or some alone time with yourself.
  3. The Naina Devi temple is another major factor that draws many tourists to this place. People from far and near come to pay their respects to the goddess of this temple, possibly after whom the Naini Lake as well as the hill station derives its name. This temple is believed to be very auspicious and legends say that every wish by every devotee is granted by the goddess here. This temple was built sometime during the 8th century by Raja Bir Chand. It is also a celebrated spot for pilgrimage for people belonging to the Hindu religion.
  4. If you plan for a long trip to Nainital then you will be able to enjoy the various picnic spots that adorn this place. You will be able to spend some nice time enjoying the beauty of the hills and the breezy mornings of the hill station during your short picnics. When you book rooms at a luxury hotel in nainital,do remember to ask the staff about some famous picnic spots and arrange for transport accordingly. The ropeway is also a major attraction of this place that allows you to appreciate the beauty from a bird’s eye view.
  5. If you are a fan of trekking or hiking, then there is no place better than Nainital. There are numerous easy to moderate level treks that you can undertake when staying here. The trek to Naina peak is quite a famous one that many people take part in.

These are some of the top 5 reasons as to why Nainital is a place that you should see for yourself once. What are you waiting for? Start planning your trip today!

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