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It’s an exciting day when you have the conformation on the Colorado rafting trip to the Grand Canyon that you have planned for a few years. The big day is finally in sight, and you want to be sure you are ready and have everything you need. Experienced rafters believe there are five essential items that are necessary for everyone to bring in their pack. If you have all five, you’ll be in pretty good shape for your rafting adventure.

Head Lamp

According to Oars Blog, you’ll enjoy freedom when you adapt to using a head lamp instead of a hand-held flashlight. They come in a variety of styles and prices. LED versions are very bright and are long-lasting. You can purchase headlamps that offer a red light option, which reduces the risk of annoying bugs nipping at you at night. Once you switch over to a head lamp, you might forget all about the extra hand-held you slipped into your bag just in case you didn’t adapt to the old miner tradition of wearing a headlamp. It’s always best to have both hands free in case of an emergency.

Rain Jacket

You will definitely need a light weight rain jacket to keep in your dry bag. No matter what time of year it is, a rain jacket is necessary. Rainy days on the river do happen, and you don’t want to be wet and cold. There are several styles of rain jackets that are suitable for whitewater rafting. Many rafters prefer hooded jackets.

Long Underwear

Rainy days and cold camp evenings call for layers and long underwear. Keeping warm is very important when you are rafting. You get wet a lot, and it’s important to carry fast drying clothing. The warmest long underwear is made from merino wool or polyester. Silk underwear is comfortable, but not as warm.

Light Weight Jacket

Layer clothes is important when you are rafting. A light weight jacket with some insulation is a perfect river companion. Choose a synthetic insulation over down because of the damp conditions. Keep it in your dry bag. You’ll find the need to use it often.

Zip Lock Baggies

According to Colorado River Discovery, don’t scrimp on the quality and get cheap baggies. You want the very best as you will need them to keep a lot of things dry, including matches, socks, and underwear. They will also carry your toothbrush and other personal items. Get gallon size bags to accommodate larger items. Bring plenty.

Every rafter makes their own list of important items to bring along. If you have these five, you’ll be in pretty good shape.

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