Macau is a good place to visit

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Macau, a sovereign territory situated on the western side of the Pearl River delta in East Asia is one of the most welcoming, and inimitable tourist spots in the world. Lavish nightclubs, grand casinos, pooled with the ambiance of the history colonial making Macau is a good place to visit for people all around the world. And, not just entrainment, buildings that stands tall against a backdrop of green hills, the island of Macau is situated 60 km approx from Hong Kong present a unique blend of architectural wonders, and natural landscape.

Drive down to know the top five things to do in Macau, before packing your bags:

Let’s walk through-Macau is a good place to visit

  1. Senado Square

This area should be on your bucket list to revisit the history of Macau. Almost, in every corner of this region, you will come across many old European style structures. The church of St. Dominic and the holy house of mercy are both deserve a visit when you are on a trip to Macau. Other, then these buildings, there are many stopover spots such as restaurants and shops.

  1. Macau tower

The Macau tower is commonly pronounced as” Macau sky tower,” stands at a height of 338 meters is renowned for its watching deck from where you can see the whole city Macau in one go. There are many theaters, shopping malls, restaurants, and the skywalk X inside the tower. Plus, tourists are allowed to have a pleasant stroll around the boundary of this tower.

  1. Guan Yin statue

This statue made of bronze 20 feet high above the building is elegantly fashioned in a shape of a lotus bud. It resembles the virgin mary statue, and was designed by Christina Rocha Leiria, a famous Portuguese artist. The Guan Yin statue is situated away from the mainland metropolitan, offer a soothing ambiance spend a special evening with someone special. On the left side of this tourist spot is the Macau scientific center, which is also a great place to visit.

  1. Ruins of St. Paul’s

The St. Paul Church was unearthed in the year 1602, was burned in 1835, and now only its ruins is left, but still it is a high-flying place to visit. It is one of the icons of Macau where regular events and performances are hosted. And, the best part there is no entry fee, so, it worth climb the stairs to enjoy an aesthetic view from the above.

  1. Casino building

However you are not a gambler by nature, take some time to admire the grand interior design of the casino, showcasing the tradition of this Portuguese colony. The casinos of Macau are surrounded by many famous restaurants, coffee house, and parks.

It is always the right time to visit Macau, but the best time to plan a vacation between December and February. There are no direct flights to this previous Portuguese colony, thus you have landed in Hong Kong, (which is also an alluring tourist destination), and then reach Macau via helicopter or ferry.

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