Taking a Year Off to Travel After College Graduation: Should You Do It?

If you’re seriously considering taking a year and delaying your entry into the workforce after graduation, there are a lot of things to consider. Will you lose out on lost income? Will traveling for that long provide you with the benefits you hope it will? Do you want to be away from home that long? We strongly think you should take advantage of this opportunity if you can, and here are few reasons why.

No Time like Today

If you’re not feeling the urgent need to travel at the moment, but think you might want to in the future. Trust us, the time is now. If you don’t have a job, but plan on (and need to) get one, it’s rare you’ll have another opportunity to take a year off without having to dissolve a lot of other commitments first. If you get your own apartment, job or relationship, these are all things you will not be able to take with you when you get out of town. If you don’t have wanderlust at the moment, cultivate some and get crackin’ now to avoid more work in the future.

You’ll Learn More Than You’ll Earn

If you’re worried about your ability to find a job and what it might do to your earning potential once you reenter the workforce after an absence, don’t. You will learn so much traveling for a year that you couldn’t possibly learn doing one single job and living in one single city. One of the things it’ll teach you is out to deal with different kinds of people. You’ll be entering a much wider world when you join the workforce after school. You won’t necessarily be in an environment with people you have a ton of stuff in common with. A great way to prepare yourself for new expectations is to travel and experience them in a fun way. If you head to a different country or continent, you’ll be faced with the challenge of learning new customs and adapting your behavior when necessary.

You Could Make Some Amazing Friends

While yes, traveling together can be a breaking point for some relationships, more often than not, it strengthens them. The people you meet on this journey will be part of singular memories for you. That’s what good friendships and relationships are based upon, strong, emotional connections. If you can convince some friends to go with you, that’s amazing. If not, you’ll absolutely meet new ones along the way.

It’s Not As Expensive As You Think

There are so many ways to save money on travel after graduation. We wish we had more time to devote to them on this list. But really, there’s almost nothing you can’t score a discount on from plane fare to train travel to lodging. There are trips for every budget, whether you went to a community college or UC Santa Barbara, so get online and grab some deals. When you see those “Students Click Here” links, you’ll know you’re in the right place.

Preparing for a long trip and improving the quality of the journey from the start

Long trips can be very exciting especially if they include regions or territories never before visited. There are many reasons for which someone can take a long trip. And while these are generally met with a healthy level of anticipation, there is also a bit of anxiety as to how the packing process will unfold and carry out. While overseas movers usually appeal to the services of professional moving help providers, people that are just visiting another country (which can also imply traveling over a sea) for pleasure or on a business trip cannot afford to mess up packing.

What people pack and how they pack it will have a great impact on the overall journey as a properly packed bag can make the entire trip a whole lot less stressful or exhausting, or even frustrating. Here are some things to keep in mind while preparing for a big trip:

Just the bare necessities

When travelling for long periods of time, it is very important to only take what is absolutely necessary. Carrying all kinds of unnecessary equipment or objects will only make the bag heavier to carry. Depending on how many bags are available, an item’s “necessity level” can increase or decrease, but the general ideas of what is considered necessary doesn’t change.

Hidden potential

Items that can fulfill multiple purposes are extremely valuable on very long travels. This is because they allow for another item to be dropped out while a new one takes it place. Following this concept, two objects should be able to complete 4 tasks for example, meaning that another two items can be dropped and more space becomes available in the bag.

Cold weather clothing

Usually, while travelling from or to a cold place people bring along heavy jackets that occupy a lot of space. This type of items can completely full and compromise the potential of a bag, so it is advised that dedicated travelers resort to wearing multiple layers of lighter clothing rather than get the big jacket out. It is also important to stay comfortable as it will affect the energy one has during a travel.

Roll up clothes and prioritize shirts

In the clothing department, it is very important that clothes won’t take up a lot of the bag space. Clothes are usually what occupy the most space because everyone has multiple clothing items. It’s a combination between a sense of fashion and just having spare clothes to wear. Either way, the amount of space they occupy in the bag can be reduced by rolling them instead of folding them. Additionally, If there’s going to be more of a certain kind of clothing, let it be shirts. Shirts can easily be changed while pants are a bit harder to carry around every day.

These are a couple guidelines that help eager travelers prepare for a big journey ahead. Going into this type of journey prepared makes a whole lot of difference. There are also a lot of YouTube videos that present tips on how to properly prepare for travelling far away.

Miami for the Lovebirds

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway filled with rich culture, sweet beaches, fantastic food and luxurious hotels, there’s no need to leave the country. Miami has all that lovebirds need and more.

To prove it, here are some fun ways to spend time as a couple in Magic City.

  1. Eat dinner crafted by lovebirds, for lovebirds.

[Image: The Sarsaparilla Club Facebook]

Start your trip out right by enjoying a romantic dinner for two at the Sarsaparilla Club. Not only will you enjoy a classic yet modern meal, but you can also rest assured that your dinner was created with love.

This restaurant serves carefully crafted, farm-fresh dishes, and it’s owned by a couple and celebrity chef duo, Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth, who say their restaurant is a “must-do for the Miami experience.”

  1. Go salsa dancing.

[Image: Salsa Fever — Yuca Lounge Facebook]

Miami has long been known for its nightlife and great music. If you’re trying to bring back the sparks, there’s nothing quite like spending an evening eating great food and salsa dancing at YUCA.

An acronym for Young Urban Cuban American, YUCA has been a landmark since 1989, serving up delicious Nuevo Latino cuisine, as well as live music and dancing at the famous YUCA Lounge.

You can even brush up on your salsa dancing skills if needed beforehand. YUCA offers classes on Wednesdays and Fridays at 8:30 p.m., so you’ll be ready to dance the night away.

  1. Go for a stroll down tree-lined streets

[Image: Chris O’Brien Flickr]

Nothing is more romantic than walking hand-in-hand with the one you love. What makes it even more special is when that walk is done on a roadway lined with oak and hardwood trees.

The perfect place for a Miami lovers’ stroll is Coconut Grove. This historical area is part of Miami’s original neighborhood that was founded in 1873. And while this quaint, little walkway is in the heart of Miami, it is still very separate, giving you a feeling of calm and solitude during your vacation.

  1.  Explore a national park.

[Image: Bruce Tuten Flickr]

Miami is home to many natural wonders and historical treasures, including Biscayne National Park. And if you and your loved one are outdoor enthusiasts, this park is right up your alley.

This one-of-a-kind place is home to 10,000 years of human history, including real pirates and shipwrecks. It even has four different ecosystems that have come together in this protected area.

While here, you can go boating, snorkeling, camping, watch wildlife or simply sit back in a rocking chair while gazing out at the miles of pristine ocean water.

  1. Get in the mood with a strawberry tasting.

[Image: Knaus Berry Farm Facebook]

For a tasty, mood-enhancing evening of romance, eating strawberries has been known to do just that. And there’s no better place than family owned and operated Knaus Berry Farm. While here, not only can you eat one of nature’s most delectable aphrodisiacs, you can also hand pick the ones you like best.

If you prefer your strawberries in milkshake form, the farm is known for having one of the best around.

  1. Visit a castle.

[Image: Coral Castle Facebook]

Castles aren’t common in the states, but Miami has one that is not only a sight to behold, but one that was built with love.

The Coral Castle was built in 1923 by a man named Edward “Ed” Leedskalnin, who did so after his engagement to his 16-year-old sweetheart, Agnes, was called off the day before the wedding. For years, Ed cut large pieces of coral and hauled them for miles through the night to construct the castle that has baffled scientists and engineers today.

Nearly 100 years later, the castle still stands as a testament of love, making it a perfect place for those in search of an undying romance.

And make sure you stay in the heart of Miami at the Holiday Inn Port Of Miami-Downtown, so you and your sweetheart don’t miss a thing during your romantic getaway in magical Miami, Florida.  

Lake Powell – Ultimate Vacation Destination

If you are an adventure and travel freak and are looking for an ideal destination to spend your holidays in, Lake Powell is the place for you. It is the best spot where you can enjoy various fun-filled activities while exploring the picturesque lakes. Also known as Glen Canyon, Lake Powell is 186 miles long and has a shoreline of 1986 miles. It is the second largest man-made reservoir with over 2 million people visiting this place for recreational purposes every year. The reasons this place is popular with outdoor adventure and travel seekers include the crystal clear water, red sandstone rock, and countless canyons that you can find here for wakeboarding, wake skating, wake surfing, knee boarding, water skiing, and other such activities.

Read on to know various other activities that this place is famous for and make it the ultimate vacation destination.

Places to Stay

There are lovely resorts, lodges, and hotels where you can reside and view the scenic beauty of Lake Powell. There are efficiently arranged family units in the area for people to reside. The units are equipped with all luxuries that you can get in hotels and resorts. You can also get additional benefits with the units such as fully-equipped kitchen, romping rooms for kids etc.

Explore the Attractions

The beautiful place boasts of more than 96 canyons for the visitors to explore. However, Navajo Canyon definitely ranks above all of them owing to its enormous length and beauty. The natives of Navajo have artistically decorated the walls of the canyon. You can hire a boat and explore the further areas of the Lake Powell to have one of the best travel experiences of your life. Rainbow Bridge and LaGorce Arch are other notable attractions of this place.

Cruise Trip

One of the major attractions of the place is the wonderful experience of cruise trip. It takes the visitors on the tour in the middle of the desert and gives them a beautiful centralized view of the whole area. Delicious and tempting dinner is served to the tourists on the cruise trip that makes this experience even more fulfilling.

Water Sports

The nine miles long and seven miles wide lake give the visitors enough room to enjoy various exciting and adventurous activities. Paddleboard, water ski, kayak ski, fishing, boating etc. are some of the outdoor activities that tourists can indulge in and have the best time of your life.


If you want to satisfy the adventure freak in you to the fullest, camping at Lake Powell is a must-have experience for you. The weather there is suitable for the campers with mild warm temperature in the day and cool breezy nights.

Enjoy the wonderful attractions of your with your friends or family. Your visit to Lake Powell is surely going to give you lifelong memories that you are going to cherish forever.

Foods to Delve into On Your Holidays!

Sweet tooth or health junkie, this list of food is a must-try for your summer trips. No matter the reason for the trip such as overseas cricket tours, Caribbean cruises or thrill seeking adventures; There’s no reason for you not to try out these world wonders!

Greece – Souvlaki

Souvlaki, in simple terms, is made out of pieces of meat (Usually pork or beef) grilled on a skewer, combined with a mixture of vegetables. It can be served right on the skewer or wrapped in a pita wrap or grilled bread. Combining the tastes of the vegetables and meat with garnishes and sauces, it’s a simple dish made perfectly for any type of person.

Vietnam – Goi Cuon

This is essentially a Vietnamese Spring Roll. Typically served at room temperature, without being fried, they usually include pork, prawns and vegetables. Due to the rice paper being so thin, you can see the ingredients inside which makes it even more beautiful! Usually served with a small sauce, this delight is a definite not to be missed!

Italy – Lasagne

An all-time favourite for me, and it will be for you! This deliciously layered meal is basically a pasta cake. Layers of thin sheets of pasta, covered with cheese and marinade with the option for meat (or vegetables if you are a vegetarian). Usually using beef, this delicious meal is usually treated with herbs such as basil and is the perfect holiday meal if you’re feeling a little home sick as it’s warm, lovely texture really brings you back to your youth.

Indonesia – Martabak Manis/Terang Bulan.

Either made with stuffed pancakes or pan-fried bread, this delicious treat is definitely for the sweet tooth in you. Usually filled with things from nuts, to chocolate, to anything you can imagine, this snack can be made to your tastes (sweet OR savoury)! How about that? They’re also known to be cheap and sold at street vendors and is one of the most popular Asian street foods.

Thailand – Som Tam

Also known as Green Papaya Salad, this succulent healthy dish is a sight to behold. Unlike it’s looks, it is actually quite spicy and depending on the place you go, it may get even spicier. It’s made out of (would you have guessed?) shredded Papaya! It can come in many different types such as: Hot Chilli, Savoury Fish Sauce, Salty, Sour Lime and Sweet.  All ingredients are made by being pounded in a mortar and the ingredients can be customised to your acquired tastes.

Canada – Poutine

Made of French Fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. It’s basically Canada’s version of the British staple; Cheesy Chips! Seen as it’s sold in various diners and fast food chains across Canada, this is known more as a drunken/street type of food.

How to find nearest restaurant?

Looking for breakfast from your most loved eatery is considerably less demanding than eating

As we as a whole know a heavenly breakfast will keep you entire day new and lively. In spite of the fact that we frequently miss breakfast as our first nourishment, or in some cases simply substitute it with some espresso, doing normal breakfast will give you numerous well being favorable circumstances, and a few specialists say it can keep certain diseases.

Resturant guide

Breakfast as a sustenance fluctuates from individual to individual and culture to culture – some like a light breakfast, a straightforward bit of bread or toasted bread with a sweet or scrumptious spread and some lemon juice, espresso, some have a dish of their favored breakfast, and then again, teher are such a large number of individuals, who love to eat instant nourishment in their breakfast.

Of the previously mentioned, it is recommended to start the day with an incredible fulfilling breakfast – either home-made or in your favored eatery or eateries serving breakfast.

A portion of the favored breakfasts nourishment’s, a significant number of which can be found in prevalent eateries close-by, a few people get a kick out of the chance to have omelets in breakfast – frequently loaded with meat, vegetables or mushrooms, hotcakes with syrup or pulled cream and natural product, buttered toasted bread or grains.

There are such a large number of applications to find eatery close to your place and make the most of your most loved breakfast. You can visit https://appetti.com and scan the best place for breakfast in your area. You can peruse menus to pick your most loved nourishment and furthermore discover the pictures, maps to get that place et cetera.

In the event that you need an invigorating breakfast, you ought to know about the finest spots for breakfast close me. Perused client surveys, peruse eateries decisions and effectively utilize the web from any eatery with no extra cost!!! The most ideal approach to discover Breakfast conveyance eateries that convey to you is by coming into your address in the search for box above, and making a search for.

How to Choose the Best Crossbows for your Hunting Adventures

Some people might call crossbows as old style tools but if you talk to hunting experts you will come to know that they are best and most trusted weapon for hunting (and archery). Crossbows have evolved from simple pieces of string to highly sophisticated designed tools such as the famous Barnett Crossbows. However, we understand that with so many different varieties of bows in the market, selecting the right one can be a bit difficult. There are budget ones, expensive ones and even used crossbows for sale that you can get your hands on. We have combined some great tips on how to choose the best crossbows for your hunting adventures:

The five main features to consider while making a crossbow purchase are: crossbow design, crossbow speed, crossbow weight, draw weight and your price range:

  1. Crossbow design: Each person has his own specific hunting style and physical ability. It is important to select the crossbow design that complements your style. Some popular crossbow designs are:
  • Recurve: Recurve is the oldest crossbow design. It is very simple to use and easy to repair. You can even change the string yourself. Particularly great for people who do not want to spend much. They are lighter to carry yet one drawback is that they are difficult to cock and louder. Not recommended for the aged.


  • Compound: Compound is the most widely used crossbow today. They are easier to cock and have a great speed. Compounds can be heavy weight and difficult to carry.



  • Reverse Draw: Reverse Draw is considered as the most efficient design. They are fast, lightweight and quieter but can be a bit costly.


  1. Crossbow speed: Crossbow speed is probably the most important factor to consider. If you are hunting larger animals, then you want your crossbow to hit the target as soon as possible. In case of wildlife hunting, the speed of the crossbow decides whether you die or live.
  1. Crossbow weight: Heavier crossbows are difficult to carry especially if you like hunting for long hours. If you are an occasional hunter, then a heavy weight crossbow may also do the job. Also note that a heavier crossbow is usually more stable. Look for a light and compact crossbow if you are a regular hunter.
  1. Draw weight: Roughly, draw weight is the effort or force required to draw the bow. Normally crossbows have a draw weight of around 150lbs (this draw weight is perfect for hunting deer, rabbits and other small animals). Go for a crossbow of greater draw weight if you want to hunt larger animals. The greater the draw weight, the greater would be the speed.


  1. Price range: Lastly, we all know that better crossbows would have a higher price too. Look for a mix of price, quality and performance so you do not have to regret your decision. Take note of the factors that you need the most and those that you can compromise on.


Cheap Flights and Hotels For a Wonderful Vacation

If you wish to plan your holidays without any hurdle, it is better to make booking for flights and hotels in advance. You can regularly visit Alkamilbooking.com for updated information on flights and hotels.

Are you totally exhausted from the regular busy life and looking out for something special to get away from the noise and hustle-bustle of life to calm down and refresh your body, senses and even mind? If yes, it is a right time to consider booking the affordable flight tickets and hotels to any location of the world and the destination well known for its laid-back and moderate approach to life. Direct flights are easily available to the majority of the destinations and available from most of the world capitals all through the year.

Online sources are considered extremely helpful and website of chief airlines and even independent travel websites are offered to guide visitors and assist them find cheap flights. If you desire to enjoy your journey without any hurdle, it is advisable to book cheap flight tickets rightly well in advance in order to avoid last minute problem and very expensive travel costs.

Choose Packages – Group Packages / Family Packages

Planning for a holiday offers a prospect for one to relax either alone or in the company of family and friends. One can easily set their within the state that you live in but occasionally they can be designed for places that will require you to fly there. In case, you are accompanying your family, then it is better to save more on the flight package so that you can have more cash to spend on the holiday.

To be able to find cheap flights and hotel rental packages it will be sensible to book them jointly when finalizing plans with a travel organization. This will assist you save more particularly if the hotels are not very high protection.

Keep in mind, comparing different packages on different web portals that are providing this sort of package that you are searching for. This will permit you to go through various choices of packages available on the flight as well as hotel rental so that you are capable to make a well-versed choice on the services being presented to you. Never take decision in hurry without making any sort of comparison. You can work through your mind and active search online will surely brings the best packages for you and that’s too at wonderful prices.

No matter, you might be setting up on booking a flight and hotel rental package, it is sensible to book the hotel and even the package. The majority of the travel agencies will provide a discount on the complete package so that you are capable to save cash that you can utilize on your holiday.

One more approach to be able to enjoy a cheap flight and rental of hotel when you are on holiday is to reserve a tour package at the same time. A complete tour package will remain a perfect assistance particularly if your holidays are at a place that you are not common with. The package always appears with a guide that will show you around chief attractions of your selected vacation destination as well as lower the rates you need to pay out as well.

Going into a group of friends or even complete family members is one of the best good ways to find cheap flights and rentals accommodation you are on holidays as the majority of the hotels promises for cheaper vacation packages. The packages may comprise hotel rental services based on the number of visitors that are traveling thus saving you costs that are linked to renting hotels.

Find the Last Minute Deals

If you are extremely flexible with your travel plans, there is no good news for you. Now, you can easily take benefits from the regularly updated fares air fares for last minute flight deals. The so-called last minute deals can offer travelers cheap flight tickets that someway remain unsold or are element of promotional discounts declared by airlines on a number of occasions.

Planning your flying on the working days will surely assured to decrease the flight rates significantly as compared to standard flight ticket rates. In any condition, travel websites such as Alkamilbooking.com are your best opportunity of locating cheap flights to anywhere due to their aptitude to detect updates and inexpensive fare announcements right away on announcements.

In general, the prior you book a cheap flight and hotel rental package, there are more possibilities to find a bigger discount on the entire package which will make your holiday more enjoyable.

Welcome to Alkamilbooking.com, aimed to offer you the find cheap flights to your top ends and discount holidays at time of booking. Book now!

Cool Things To Do When You Visit NYC

NYC is the liveliest city on the planet – it is full of so many things to see and do that tourists often fall short on time. From monuments, museums, parks, gardens, cruises, shops, nature and sports, it has a variety of avenues and attractions to explore and understand the real pulse of the Big Apple. There is more to the city beyond the famous and you should definitely give it all a try. Make sure to enjoy cool things when you visit NYC so that you get a memorable tour for sure.

Here’s a list of cool things to do on you NYC trip:

Ice skating in Prospect Park

A winter trip feels incomplete unless you enjoy ice skating in New York. You can either head to Central Park or Prospect Park, depending on the schedule but surely the latter one is a better option in case you prefer a less-crowded place. So, head to the rink at Lakeside in Prospect Park, show off axel jumps and revel in the sights of the park.

Learning and fun at the Museum of the Moving Image

A visit to the Museum of the Moving Image is like learning and fun together. Here, you learn a lot about the history of movies, TV and video games. The place is not crowded plus it lets you know in-depth about various forms of digital media. Not for a single moment will you feel bored here for sure.

Bike ride in Central Park    

Don’t leave Central Park unless you have enjoyed a guided bike tour. It’s the easiest way to explore the beautiful sights, sounds and smells of the iconic park. Tourists or riders can follow a local guide along the scenic paths and enjoy famous attractions like Belvedere Castle, Cleopatra’s Needle, Strawberry Fields, and the Bethesda Fountain. You can learn about the history of the park, relish natural sights, click photos and have great fun with Central park bike tours.

Rock climbing at Chelsea Piers

Enjoy instructor-led climbing sessions at Chelsea Piers but only every Tuesday and Thursday nights. The indoor rock wall is a great fun as it’s tough as well as friendly. The best part, you don’t have to pay much to enjoy rock climbing here, so don’t miss the opportunity.

The One World Trade Center Observatory

One WTC is an icon of NYC and you should definitely visit it. The biggest attraction here is to spend time atop the highest building in the Western Hemisphere. Get stunning sights of the city below from the observatory and relish the 360-degree panoramic views. And yes, don’t judge the crowds and lines for such a wonderful experience.

Catch live jazz

NYC has multiple locations to catch live jazz and add more colour to the night. Some amazing avenues to enjoy live jazz include Jazz Standard, Arthur’s Tavern, and the Metropolitan Room. If you however want to experience the old Ney York, then head to the Django and enjoy everything vintage there.

4 Most Popular Ski Resorts in Europe – Have great Holiday Experiences!

In less than a hop, skip and jump you will find yourself on the slopes in no time if you choose. Ski short breaks or weekends are becoming more and more popular, especially with increased comfort trip to several places aroud Europe, such as Geneva to Megeve transfer which offers by Alps2Alps.

Here are we list popular ski resort in Europe to your weekend.

  1. Chamonix, France

Chamonix is proving to be one of the most popular ski weekend after everything you want for a short break in the Alps. Scenic and exceptional ski terrain and lively atmosphere. There are more than mere convenience of Chamonix. The diversity of good food, great entertainment and lively apres scene even before we consider the incredible skiing reputation.

Chamonix offers varied terrain bistid and endless opportunities off-piste, say that some of the best in the world. Lifts open from early December to late April snow is pretty sure late season. For more information regarding the ski areas in the Chamonix Ski tickets and other activities available on our blog.

  1. Courmayeur, Italy

Courmayeur could be found only on the other side of Mont Blanc from Chamonix, but offers a different experience instead. This charming, traditional mountaineering and spa-city boasts pretty streets cobbled streets and the elegant boutiques and stylish cocktail bars. In true Italian style you can expect a friendly atmosphere and exceptional food (and outside the mountain alike) and skiing fun. Courmayeur is perfect for romantic getaway, ski repair snowman download between friends, colleagues or even a short break skiing with family.

  1. Megeve, France

If welfare ultimately what you’re after then cannot be beaten Megeve short break skiing. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the resort is not the cheapest around but if you are not interested in breaching experiment to tighter budget, then respondent should be at the top of your wish list.

Megeve very much hot-traditional Savoy village surrounded by working farms. A beautiful village with striking Baroque architecture, traffic-free Centre stacked, lined with upscale boutiques, cafes, restaurants, bars and jazz.

Another great reason-perfect for a quick luxury holiday’s proximity Geneva to Megeve transfer. Book now on Alps to Alps or visit https://www.alps2alps.com/en/geneva-airport/transfer-to-megeve/.

  1. La Clusaz, France

La Clusaz is probably the best kept secret in French when it comes to the perfect ski weekends. La Clusaz picture-perfect Alpine village full of character and charm and French unmistakeable!

Offers 132 miles of terrain skiing la Clusaz alone but conveniently connected with a number of resorts aravis including mangoud, Le Grand bornand, St Jean de Sixt. All four are covered by aravis lift pass, and 220 km more varied terrain. The slopes are mostly well-groomed intermediate and advanced to offer, but the resort pulls all the stops with a freeride area dedicated snow parks and protected collapse thoroughly.

Alps2Alps run a low-cost, reliable, and private transportation. Our reliable service and fast response will provide peace of mind where all you have to do is sit back and relax and enjoy a well deserved vacation!To learn more about Alps2Alps transfer, inquire or to get a quick quote, visit our homepage.